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  1. Today we meet Forge regular ShinobiNando and talk unboxing games, being a Youtube creator and cosplay! Hey ShinobiNando! How's it going? Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Fernando but most people would know me as ShinobiNando, Shino or Nando. I am a Canadian living in the UK, and started content creation about 2 years ago! I started on YouTube where I unbox many of the Collector's Editions I'm addicted to buying and then started streaming 6 months after that! Check out that Resident Evil 2 loot! Shino it is! So, as I understand it - you're a cross between a Youtube content creator and a streamer? I'm actually a horrible streamer when it comes to knowing the who's who of Twitch! I only found out about Dr. DisRespect and Ninja AFTER I started streaming myself! I never really watched or enjoyed streams before I started to do it. A few friends suggested doing it because I was such an achievement collector. Luckily, I'm a chatter box, I auditioned to stream for Xbox UK's stream team GameMasters and I got a slot! Our local Microsoft rep gave me the good news (I knew him from working at GAME!) It was a joint project between the 2 - The rest as they say is history! Which do you prefer doing? How come you chose to stream on Twitch, after starting out on Youtube - which also has a streaming platform? While streaming is easier than creating videos, I prefer doing content for YouTube. It's amazing what you can do from a home editing software and I like the fact that the videos are there so your audience doesn't really miss out! I did in fact stream on YouTube for a year before going to Twitch. The main reason was it can really clog your channel. Where I did edited videos as well as streaming, it made the channel look really messy and hurt it overall. Did you have any role models on either platform to draw inspiration from? None for streaming strangely enough, I don't know or watch any partners or big affiliates. For YouTube oh yes plenty. An obvious one with the skits and effects is 'Angry Joe,' it's partially where the inspiration came from! 'Boogie' is a big inspiration especially as an overweight and older creator. Also 'Jim Sterling' and 'Jeremy Jahns' for reviews. If you had to choose only one medium to create content for, would stream or make videos? As much as a I come to really enjoy streaming I'd probably give up twitch first. Out of the two, YouTube has been the bigger platform, I'm currently at 1000 subs and over 205000 lifetime views. It would be, IMO, much harder to start over on YouTube. Also a LOT of effort and time went into my videos, where for me at least, twitch is something I chill out to do, hit live, post a link and talk to some cool people! Venturing into Reaction and Breakdown trailers From what I hear on the grapevine - you also like to do Cosplay? I always fancied cosplay. When I was younger and in shape I was too nervous to do it as I didn't have many friends that were as geeky as me. Now my weight holds me back, I'm annoyingly one of those that doesn't feel like I shouldn't cosplay a character I don't look like. I loved doing Nathan Drake, Mario and am looking to do more in the future. I would love to see a classic Dr Mario! ShinobiNando is a pretty unique brand name - how did you come up with it? Well I always play the stealthy rogue characters. If I can sneak around, back stab or avoid direct conflict that's the character or play-style I'll go for. What's more stealthy than a ninja? NinjaNando sounded too on the nose so I choose ShinobiNando. Plus it was a throwback to an MMO character from City Of Heroes. What about goals? What do you hope to achieve with the brand? I would love to get big enough to showcase more on my channel or get invited to events! I have worked behind the scenes when I use to do events at GAME and I liked the idea of showing a personal or another perceptive on them. MCM London was fun to vlog behind the scenes! While I'm not looking for fame or fortune, to turn this into at least a part time job would be amazing. Again more for the opportunities. If I can help my fellow Collectors avoid or find editions or collectables they would miss then I feel I have done my job. Same with my reviews. The best comments are the ones where people say they watched a movie for the first time in the cinema in ages, or bought/played a game they might have skipped and thank me for it as they really enjoyed it! Mmmm.... collectables.... Yeah I imagine that is a pretty awesome feeling! So how do you relax at the end of the day? I was a on and off martial artist for years, which probably also influenced the name. I practised Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ninjutsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and even dabbled in Capoeria! I got injured a few years ago and now have a chronic infection that fatigues me, so unfortunately I've had to put it on hold. I really enjoy movies and the cinema experience! Especially super hero movies or horror films. I'm really looking forward to Burn Bright as it combines the two. It’s a classic desert island scenario - you can take only three items. What do you take? Oh god... I dunno! Everything I enjoy uses electricity... Umm a sword... A lot of rope ... And a bow with arrows? A...a sword?? Why not! Lots you can do with a sword! Ya never know when one might need a sword.... Ok! Rapid fire time. What's your all time favourite movie? My mind is a blank! TV Show? I dunno.... Game? Umm.... Book? Haven't read one in years! Food? Changes everyday? Haha great answers! Are you part of any teams/networks that you'd like to give a shout-out to? Not really, I float between a few including Forge! I use each Discord differently. Ember and the Forge, I find are great places to ask for creator help and opinions, or vent frustrations that only fellow streamers/YouTubers would understand! Promo time - where can our readers find ShinobiNando online? www.youtube.com/ShinobiNando www.twitch.tv/ShinobiNando @ShinobiNando on Instagram and Twitter!
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