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  1. Starting off with the Indie World direct, released 17/03/2020
  2. Hey everyone! And welcome to another edition of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!! This time we take a look at one of the most defining companies from Japan, Capcom. Today marks the 41 year anniversary that Capcom was established, responsible for creating some of our childhood games today which includes Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and those amazing Disney games from the NES. While Capcom started in 1979, it took them 5 years to create their first game called Vulgus, a vertical shooter game. Although it was Capcom’s first, it didn’t really capture the attention Capcom would imagine and later create another vertical shooter game called 1942, focusing on fighter planes and power ups to take down enemy fighters and huge bosses as well. A year later Capcom would release their most difficult game to date, Ghosts n Goblins. An adventure game of the classical knight in shiny armor rescuing the princess from Satan, the game is notorious for its difficulty and for the ending as getting the true ending of the game requires players to complete the game twice. Around the same year, the NES was released and Capcom began shipping arcade ports of their popular arcades to the NES starting with 1942. 2 years later, Street Fighter was released in the arcades. Although it wasn’t the Street Fighter game that we knew today, this marks the start of a franchise that would soon explode years later. Ryu and Ken were designed as a young fighter, with Ryu having red hair instead of black, white headband, and shoes. Street Fighter was also quite broken as the damage base is random. Around the same year Street Fighter was released in the Arcade, Mega Man would debut on the NES and became a huge success. The Blue Bomber changed the ideal of platforming with shooting dynamics and the ideal of using defeat bosses power ups to use against other bosses, requiring players to use a distinct strategy of their own to know who is weaker to what and who to go for first. Mega Man was a huge success when the franchise began to release a series of sequels, spin-offs, and sports games surrounding the name Mega Man, each with their own background story, hero, side characters, and gameplay style. Final Fight would make their arcade debut on 1989, becoming Capcom’s first attempt at a Beat ‘em up game, and brought in popular characters such as Mike Hagger, a professional wrestler turned Mayor of Metro City, Cody, a hot headed fighter, Guy, a ninja who were converses, Hugo, and everyone’s favorite transgender, Poison. The game was a huge success and spawned 2 sequels and 2 spin off games. By 1991, Capcom hit gold with their greatest game of all time, Street Fighter 2. Street Fighter 2 was the first to truly usher in the fighting game era, with returning characters Ryu, Ken, and Sagat alongside popular characters such as Chun-li, Guile, Bison, and many more. The game was fluent, quick, and fun. Street Fighter was the first to bring in the fighting game community as well as the first to have multiple editions of the popular series, making the game more faster, adding super attacks, and bringing more characters. Street Fighter is also credited for influencing the fighting gaming industry, as games such as Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Tekken all were created to challenge Street Fighter, but instead created an identity of their own and have a fan base that is still going strong today. Street Fighter’s popularity was soaring so high that it created its own animated movie called “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”, and it’s Hollywood film Street Fighter: The Movie, which the former was great and the latter was not. It didn’t deter Street Fighter as the franchise would have several sequels down the road, including the release of Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V As the years go by, Capcom would continue to create popular mega hit games and sequels as well with games such as Disney’s Aladdin and Alien vs Predator. By 1994, Capcom would bring out their prototype, X-Men: Children of the Atom. The game uses popular characters from the mega hit marvel comic book series X-Men, and has them battle out in a fighting game aspect. The game was popular enough to get a sequel in the form of Marvel Super Heroes, focusing on characters from the Marvel Comic Book series such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the return of Wolverine, and added in the infinity stones to their gameplay. In 1996, Capcom released their newest title in their list of franchise games, Biohazard or better known to us as Resident Evil. Focusing on the zombie survival aspect, players take control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as members of the S.T.A.R.S organization to investigate an outbreak inside the mansion house just miles away from Racoon City. The game was scary at the time and nerve wrecking as the mansion is filled with zombies and monsters with a shocking twist near the end. Resident Evil became an instant classic, creating Resident Evil 2 with popular character Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis that brought back Jill Valentine and introduce us to our nightmare fuel in dark places known as Nemesis, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica having us play as Claire Redfield once more, just to name a few of the series of games Resident Evil has put out. Along with the release of Resident Evil on home consoles came one of the first of many vs titles Capcom has ever put out. After creating popular superhero fighting games, Capcom has decided to create their first tag team crossover game with Marvel’s X-Men characters and Street Fighter characters. X-Men vs Street Fighter was the first of many crossover games Capcom would create over time. It brought us a fantasy booking of who would win in a fight between Ryu and Wolverine, Bison and Magneto, and Zangief and Juggernaut. Their sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter a year later, changed the roster of Marvel heroes and villains and some changes with the Street Fighter Roster. In 1998 however, the franchise began to kick off with one of their many popular releases and well known franchises today, Marvel vs Capcom. The idea of having Marvel heroes such as Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and Spider Man team up with characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Mega Man, and Morrigan was phenomenal. Marvel vs Capcom was not only fast paced and exciting, but helped introduce fans of the Capcom series and Marvel Comics new characters they may have never heard of at all, including Captain Commando, Strider, Morrigan, Colossus, and War Machine. Things would only get better for the series as two years later Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released on the arcades and home port, bringing in a chaotic atmosphere of insane 3 v 3 gameplay, a stack full of rosters from a wide variety of games and comic book series, 4 original characters, and a killer soundtrack. Marvel vs Capcom would go on to have 3 more releases, with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite being their latest release. Alongside Marvel Vs Capcom, Capcom would also release a number of crossover games such as SNK vs Capcom, Tekken X Street Fighter, and Tatsunoko vs Street Fighter, while getting involved in other projects such as Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone. In 2001 Capcom would continue their stride by releasing a triple set of games that would become a major hit. First was Onimusha, a twist of zombie survival in the feudal era of Japan. Players would assume the role of a samurai as they battle their way to thwart an evil overlord whose goal is to consume this land in chaos. It should have over 1 million copies and was the first PS2. Capcom would later release Devil may Cry and it’s new gameplay mechanic, a hack and slash adventure, focusing on Dante as the son of Sparta and holding the devil power within him to defeat demonic foes. In the Fall, Phoenix takes the case as one of the many series of the franchise that would be released on the Gameboy Advance, focusing on story and courtroom battle as the defendant lawyer of a major case in each arc. All three franchises would get a series of releases down the road. In 2004, the Monster Hunter series was born, bringing in the aspect of adventure roleplaying game and the opportunity to play with friends as the object of the game is to slay or capture monsters for better armor and better weapons. The game would have sequels for various consoles and their latest release, Monster Hunter World, would be awarded as Roleplaying game of the year. 2 years later in 2006, Capcom release Dead Rising, a twist of zombie horror survival, having players use Frank West to kill a horde of zombies trapped inside a mall with a variety of objects in the mall, such as baseball bats, golf clubs, manikins, axes, saws, and many more. It also centers around government involvement in evolution and a terrorist attack at the center mall towards the US. Dead Rising would have 3 more releases after it’s initial run. Capcom has also been involved in the Esports competition, having their games such as Street FIghter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were featured in the EVO circuit, as well as creating the Capcom Pro Tour in 2014. Although major games such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil still get a load of attention today, it’s not to say that fans of the popular company solely focus on the games that were stated above, as Capcom has released a major ton of games over the course of their 41 year tenure. Games such as Power Stone, Rival Schools, Viewtiful Joe, Dino Crisis, the Breath of Fire series, Darkstalkers, Puzzle Fighters, Shantae, Okami, and many many more games were released under their name. Some were able to get one more sequel before being forgotten, while others live on through other developers or a set of remixes and remakes. Capcom isn’t perfect so to say, games fans of certain franchise series do get shafted every now and then, with either poor gameplay mechanics, poor story, poor roster, poor design, or poor business practices. Yet, when we hear the word Capcom, we immediately strike to the first game that comes to our mind, either recent or popular franchise. Whether it was a game we enjoy playing with friends and strangers, or hours spent on perfecting our skills for future tournaments. Whether it is the retro of games from the past, or the anticipation of new news of a future game released from Capcom. Capcom feels like a symbol of variety we need in our lifetime. A chance to fight out our frustrations in fighting games, explore the horrors of an undead infested city, venture on a land searching for the creatures we need to apprehend, or being able to get a one up against a line of bosses using their partners powers against them. For over 41 years, Capcom has been able to bring joy to the gaming community and will still do so for another set of years.
  3. Hey everyone! And welcome back to another article of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!! Today marks the 35 year anniversary of Gradius released in Japanese arcade. Gradius took a spin of space shooting games, focusing on Horizontal shooting, upgrades, and a twist on bullet storm gaming. Games would be created with Gradius mechanics and Gradius itself would soon have several sequels down the road. Today marks the 21 year anniversary of what is known as the worst superhero and Nintendo 64 game of all time, Superman 64. Based off the popular animated series on the WB network, now the CW, and comic book hero, Superman 64 was a repetitive boring and broken game that was marked as the worst game to ever come out of the N64 lineup and out of the Warner Brothers studio. Sadly, the Man of Steel himself would never be in great superhero games unless he is teamed up with his fellow Justice League members. And today marks the 5 year anniversary of Splatoon. The adorable looking inklings became one of Nintendo's original games since the release of Pikman back in 2002. It was Nintendo's first attempt at a multiplayer shooter game with a kid friendly twist. And has been nominated and won numerous awards, including best shooter, beating out Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefield, on a console that had the weakest sales among the three. Splatoon would later have a sequel on the Nintendo Switch, but it's introduction to the Nintendo family was well received and still popular to this day.
  4. Hi Guys! Here you can post pictures of you daily adventures on your island and islands you visit!
  5. Hey everyone and welcome to this day in gaming where we take a look at games from the past and their significance on the gaming universe. So with that said, it's time for THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!! Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Street Fighter EX 2 released on the PS1. The game was praised by fans and critics of the Street Fighter EX series and one of Akira's best released game under the Street Fighter partnership. A step up on the graphics and visual and robust gameplay thou some lackluster originality and new features, Street Fighter EX 2 is still highly regarded as one of the best in the ill forgotten 3D era of Street Fighter games. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Modnation Racers and Blur. Blur is released on multiple consoles and focus on arcade like racing using manufactured cars from companies like Ford or Toyota. They emphasize on speed and powerups to win the race. Meanwhile Modnation Racers is for the PS3 only, and allow players to customize their character, cart, and racetrack to their creativity and liking, sort of like LittleBigPlanet but without sack boy ruining the fun of racing. It holds a story mode and is consider to be one of the toughest racing game on the market for it's tough A.I and ridiculous challenges in the story mode. And today marks the 4 year anniversary of Pokemon Go beta testing. The popular AR game was created in an opportunity to play off the mobile phone and encourage people to travel outside and play. While the game is a major hit, it does have controversial moments regarding the safety and the players awareness of their surroundings, so much so that the developers of the game has issue a warning to always pay attention off the phone and don't play while driving. And that'll do it for today. Be sure to come back for more THIS DAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!!!!!!
  6. Word from Eurogamer is that there is going to be a Nintendo eshop sale over Christmas! Over 700 games with anywhere up to 80% off! What's on your wishlist? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-12-16-heads-up-theres-going-to-be-a-massive-nintendo-switch-eshop-sale-later-this-week
  7. https://hottagwrestling.com/2020/02/18/retrospective-recap-wwe-smackdown-vs-raw-2008-wii/
  8. It occurred to me recently I had not talked about any Pokemon music in any of my #TuneTuesdays, so I wish to change that with this weeks wintery tune, one that comes from a game pretty close to my heart. It is Snowpoint City from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, composed by Junichi Masuda, Gō Ichinose & Morikazu Aoki. I'm sure everybody who both follows me and reads these weekly musical threads what and how Pokemon operates. For a quick crash course, you are a Pokemon trainer who has 3 objectives. Catch all the Pokemon, become the Pokemon Champion by beating the 8 Gym Leaders & Elite Four at the Pokemon League, and stop the evil schemes of whichever group of baddies are wanting to take over the world. In the fourth generation of Pokemon, the story revolves around you stopping Team Galatic, who plan to use the Legendary Pokémon Dialga and/or Palkia (it depends on which game you play) to create a new universe just for themselves, while destroying the current one. Pokemon had been a while with many cool locations that exist on small islands, treehouses and even at the base of a fucking volcano. Never had there been a city/town that was covered in snow. That is, until Generation 4's Snowpoint City, which sits at the base of Mt. Coronet. You visit the city late into the main campaign, where things with Team Galatic are beginning to get intense and have a fight with some of their Admins in the tunnels of Mt. Coronet and appear in a snow-covered path, the first in a Pokemon game. As pretty as it is seeing other Pokemon trainers dashing about on skis and snowboards in the snow and around the trees, the two routes you have to traverse to get to Snowpoint City, Route 216 & Route 217 (both having pretty music themselves) have a notable danger with them. It is snowing, which in gameplay terms is translated to it Hailing in battle, which means non-Ice type Pokemon will take a bit of damage after every turn, which can destroy ill-prepared trainers. I can remember it doing just that to me during my first playthrough on Pokemon Pearl 12 years ago. The intensity of the snow pickups as you move from Route 216 to 217, turning it into a full-on blizzard. This doesn't affect your team during battles, but it does make things a bit more difficult to see as you are trying to navigate through the linear route. Eventually, you arrive at Snowpoint City and hear this almost creepy delayed synth line, unsure whether you have arrived at the city. Cautious players will walk and not run, just in case more trainers/wild Pokemon appear. A dock will appear on the bottom of the screen, some houses and Pokemon Market & Centre in the corners of the map, the Pokemon Gym at the city's centre, and a big-ass temple at the top of the map. It is fair to assume at this point you have reached Snowpoint City, ignoring the missable pop-up that appears on the top left corner. As you explore some almost-jazzy strings enter introducing new harmonies not found in the implied key of E major, making the percussive synth parts sound more friendly as the piece progresses, making the player feel not only safe in this city but creates a sense of 'let's play in the snow', something I wanted to do as a kid all the time. Pity you can't make snow angels in any of the Pokemon games... What I described about route traversal and the exploration of the city were my own experiences with the game, which is incredibly personal to my own development. Pokemon Pearl and my Limited Edition silver DS Lite (both I still own) were birthday gifts of mine 14th December 2007. I was so excited to have that cool DS in my hand, playing a new Pokemon on not one, but TWO screens, one of which is a touchscreen. No one liked Pokemon at my primary school, so I had to play the GBA games by myself. Even if they did own those games, they wouldn't have played with me anyway. To spare you revisiting old scares and scars of my past, let's just say that I was not terribly popular. I had Pokemon Pearl finished by 1st January 2008 and when I went back to start the new year and term at school, no doubt did many of my peers had new DS Lites, mostly in black or white, for those were the only colours available (outside of the grey original DS). Most people also owned Pokemon Diamond, so I was suddenly the go-to guy for all the Pokemon Pearl exclusive Pokemon to trade with Diamond Pokemon I desired. All of a sudden, I was a popular kid and would soon develop friendships through these new Pokemon games, and I think there is not a better cue, to sum up, this transitory period in my life. The uncertain loneliness and desolation (the teasing chromaticism of the synths), followed by the growing confidence of speaking to people (the introduction of the second synth part) with the New Year granting me some friends (the aforementioned string parts) before ending with having a small pocket of good friends that were my crutch for the next 5 years at secondary school (the positive synth parts at the very end).
  9. Share all your best Nintendo deals and offers here!
  10. until
    Ember Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch) friendly event - Requires Nintendo Switch Online.
  11. Hey you lovely folks! Do you frequently find yourself spotting new and unusually awesome indie titles? We'd love for you to post them here! If you're a developer and have a game you'd love to share with us, by all means, PLEASE SHARE.
  12. An invitation to a swanky hotel holiday with Mario and co. – how could Luigi refuse such an offer? However, this dream getaway soon turns into a nightmare when ghosts start to run amok and his royal ghoulishness King Boo traps Mario and friends inside paintings!
  13. A new generation of Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch system. Become a Pokemon Trainer and embark on a new journey in the new Galar region! Choose from one of three new partner Pokemon: Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. In this all new adventure, you'll encounter new and familiar Pokemon as you catch, battle, and trade Pokemon while exploring new areas and uncovering an all-new story. Get ready for the next Pokemon adventure in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games.
  14. We had a wonderful surprise from Nintendo this week, as they had a showcase called Indie World. Much like the Nindies Direct, this showcase was aimed toward future and upcoming indie releases for the Nintendo Switch. I will briefly go over the presentation and touch upon the amazing selection Nintendo provided. Most of these titles you may have heard of, and some have already been released on other platforms. But when they hit the Switch, let's be honest, we all know indies feel the best when you can take them on the go. First up, a beautiful trailer was shown of Risk of Rain 2, an action packed shoot 'n' loot multiplayer game developed by Hopoo Games. If you didn't piece this together, Risk of Rain 2 is a sequel to the classic roguelike Risk of Rain and finally gets its debut on the Switch. In Risk of Rain 2 you will tread beautifully crafted worlds while eliminating hordes of foes to loot any and everything you can possibly get your hands on. Sounds easy, right? Not a single run is ever similar to the last. The more you play, the more proficient you become. So, be keen and take down your enemies before they eliminate you first. Grab your friends and get ready for an epic adventure – Risk of Rain 2 hits Nintendo Switch this Summer (so very soon) and is currently available on PC. Next, we get a spectacular look at Eastward – developed by Pixpil. Eastward is a charming adventure RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Society begins to crumble and hits shockingly low numbers in population. John, a miner, meets this little girl named Sam in a mysterious looking underground facility. You'll have control over both characters as the pair ventures out to find facts on Sam's past and who she is. The journey will be long and perilous, for you will encounter a great deal of problems and creatures threatening local towns. Eastward has many amazing locales to visit and explore, and an amazing soundtrack to boot. The game has not been released yet, but is slated for release sometime in 2020. The fun doesn't stop there! Rock em' and sock em' in this hardcore, headbanging shmup, Freedom Finger. Shmup fans, this one is for you! Though, it's not completely pleasing to the eyes in comparison to other shmups, Freedom Finger has that same tight experience with a bit of humor thrown in that won't go stale. Maneuver your ship/hand to smash and bash your enemies and to use them as weapons. Cause an uproar and devastate everything in your path – completing increasingly more difficult levels and giving your foes the bird of all birds. Freedom Finger is developed by Wide Right Interactive and hits Switch and other platforms this Fall. Steam has a release date for 27/9/2019, but don't hold your breath if you have to wait a little longer for this to hit Switch. Any fans of point-and-click adventure games, like me? Well, you're in for a treat with this next one. Roki (Ro-ke) is our culprit this time, and boy do we have a gem here. The game is an ominous fairy-tale adventure, as they say, based off Scandinavian folklore. You play as Tove, a young girl traveling through a living, winter-wonderland of a forest. Meet all kinds of creatures and befriend them to aid you in your journey. On your expedition, you'll face a handful of challenges, and if you find yourself having a tough time overcoming those challenges the game does a great job at giving you the help you need. Developed by Polygon Treehouse, Roki is a game for everyone, and it releases this winter. So yes, that means either 2019 or 2020. Most likely 2020... Torchlight 2, a game developed by Runic Games, is making its way to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on September 3rd. In Torchlight 2 you'll have plenty to do in each run as you loot and grind your way through a procedurally generated world. Choose between four character classes, Berserker, EMBERmage (see what I did there?), Engineer, and Outlander. Each with unique attributes to fit your play-style. Heavily inspired by Diablo, Torchlight 2 brings lots of action for you and several of your friends to enjoy together. It captures the same thrill as the first game in the series, and will have you coming back time and time again. If you're itching to get in the action, PC players can enjoy the game right this very minute, which I might based on this trailer alone. Want to relive your 90's where you wished you could skateboard as well as you could play Tony Hawk Pro Skater? I've got good news for you, Skater XL is pulling a 720 Ollie on to your Switch sometime in 2020. Pull off insane tricks and impress your friends by taking the Switch out of the dock, placing it on the floor and demonstrating just how good you are. JOKING. That would be quite the sight to see, though. Honestly, I don't really need to give a description of this game. These games speak for themselves, and I've got nothing against them. To me, it looks exactly the same as the 50 other skateboarding games out there, but I know a good handful of you like those games, so this one's for you. And now you'll get to enjoy skateboarding on the go, perhaps on a skateboard. Although I don't advise doing that either. We don't want Pokemon Go all over again. Skater XL is developed by Easy Day Studios Pty Ltd. Defy the laws of gravity in Youropa, a game developed by frecle. Manipulate You, a Youropean, to use your wall walking abilities and to figure out how to piece together the broken fragments of the world. Youropa challenges you to break the rules, look at the world from a different perspective, and to test your knowledge of thinking in more than a single way. This game is meant to push the limits of your mind with complex and abstract puzzles/riddles along the way. Beware of crude enemies trying to stop you by any means of putting the world back in its place. Lest not forget, there is a level, map, and character editor so you can create a new world in you own way. Youropa is heading to Nintendo Switch this Winter, while PC players can pick this up right now! Available today is the indie hit, Superhot. In this FPS, time only moves when you do, and you'll have to do your best to avoid getting killed by an array of bullets. You will be outnumbered – you will be outgunned – and that's what makes the game so thrilling. The game is meant to be fluid cause you want to be as precise with your decisions as possible. Take the red pill, and laugh at how poorly your enemies accuracy is when you slip by each and every shot, punch, etc. Superhot is developed by Superhot, so anytime anyone says superhot, the whole team perks up in question. *knee slapper* Get ready to defend the dungeon when Dungeon Defenders: Awakened builds its fortress on Switch. Developed by Chromatic Games, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is...well, a tower-defense game that is action-packed and ready to be played at any occasion. Selecting between four different heroes, you will experience a fantasy world, fending off orcs and goblins a plenty. Loot and level up, set traps and push back those pesky foes. Play solo, or bring some friends along to hold what is rightfully yours! For those of you that can't wait to get into the multiplayer action, there is online co-op, too. BUILD. DEFEND. COMMEND this to your friends so you can have a great time trolling them. Dungeon Defenders: Awakened releases February 2020 as a timed Nintendo Switch exclusive. Pack your bags, grab plenty of socks and maybe a few pairs of blocks. The Touryst, an action adventure game, will have you doing just that. As you arrive at a place called Monument Islands, you'll have plenty to explore as you go for a swim, visit a retro arcade, surf, or dance to your hearts content at the beach party. You could, however, find what secrets lie on and beneath the island. What exactly lurks down below? How will you find your way out? Can you make it out alive? Did you apply sunscreen to your nose? All this and more when The Touryst washes ashore and on your Switch this November. From the creators of the hit indie game, Slime-san, publisher Fabraz and developer Umaiki Games are here to announce Skellboy. Skellboy is a charming and unique action-rpg that will challenge your know-how, and reward you for being curious. Explore this expansive singleplayer experience in a new world known as Cubold. Skippy, a long forgotten hero, has emerged from the dead, though not intentionally. The king's evil court magician has recently been dumped by the princess, and he was left with bitterness and rage. So, the magician snaps, and decides to use his power to call upon evil spirits of another realm to resurrect the dead and many demonic monstrosities. Skippy comes fully equipped with the ability to swap out body parts for bigger and better equipment. Master all sorts of weapons, and take down the evil court magician! It's up to you...er, um I mean Skippy, to take a stand and be the hero once more! Skellboy has a release date for December 3rd of this year. We all like dragons. Don't lie. I know you do. Well, in EarthNight, dragons have invaded earth and have now claimed it for their own. It's up to a 14-year-old high-schooler and freelance photographer, Sydney, to put and end to this dragon apocalypse. Somehow making your way into space, you'll jump and dash across the backs of dragons. The game plays kinda like an endless runner, but with a twist. You will switch perspectives and free-fall, maneuvering past any and all dragons in your path. Earn and unlock power-ups that play a vital role in how you play the game. Rock out to a spectacular soundtrack, composed and performed by chiptune musician Chipocrite. EarthNight is launching on Switch, alongside PS4 and Steam, this Fall and is developed by Cleaversoft. Get ready to relive a classic. Hotline Miami Collection is coming to Switch and it's about as Cyberpunk as you can get it. If you haven't played any of the Hotline games, you can enjoy both on your Switch right now. Hotline Miami is a balls to the wall action game. Spewing raw brutality, off the chain gunplay, and fist in your face combat. Once you're finished with that, you can enjoy the stunning conclusion of Hotline Miami with Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The sequel is riddled with revenge and forceful encounters where you'll need to do whatever it takes to stay alive. Do you have what it takes, or will you accept your fate? The Hotline Miami Collection was developed by Dennaton Games. A game no one anticipated is making it's way to Nintendo Switch, September 27th – Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition. In this beautifully crafted platform adventure game, you'll delve deep into the forest of Nibel and learn that it is dying. A young orphan destined to save his home, finds the courage to confront a dark and malevolent foe. The definitive edition comes packed with all new areas, secrets, abilities, story sequences, multiple difficulty modes, full backtracking support, and loads more! Don't pass this one up, folks. With Ori and the Will of the Wisps coming up soon, I wouldn't be surprised to see that get a release on Switch, too. I'll reiterate that once these indies hit the Switch, they'll feel right at home and better than ever. There are a handful of really great indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as other platforms, within the coming months and I couldn't be more excited. What are some of your most anticipated titles for the Switch? Are there any titles you wish you would've seen that didn't appear in the showcase? For me, it probably would have been Cross Code, but I'm sure we'll see that soon enough. The hype doesn't stop there, though. I'll leave off with a few more titles to ponder upon in the video below. Check it out! Sparklite looks spectacular...just saying. -Dan
  15. Nintendo's 2001 console has never looked more crisp! Nintendo ceased production of the Gamecube in 2007, 12 years later...does it still hold up? Thanks to the efforts of Shmups user Unseen, the Gamecube has a new lease of life! Unseen successfully reverse engineered the infamously priced official Nintendo component cables for the Gamecube, these cables were only produced in Japan and are only compatible with the DOL-001 Model via the digital AV out. So if you want crystal clear picture quality , you're going to need to make sure you have a DOL-001 model Gamecube. You can expect to pay in the range of £200 - £300 for the scarse official component cable It's a great shame that Nintendo never fully utilised this under appreciated masterpiece, the first company to release the technology on a mainstream console would be Sony's Playstation 3, Nintendo were way ahead of their time with the component cable. Unfortunately, the digital AV output was barely utilised and removed from later hardware revisions. It's worth noting that outside Japan during the Gamecubes lifespan HD TV was not common, the rest of the world often play catch up with Japan when it comes to the tech industry.. Windwaker, anyone? Several companies have utilised the work of Unseen to produce their own Gamecube HD options, with varying prices from around £70 to £130. It's worth noting though, the technology used in these devices is exactly the same, you're not going to get a better picture quality by spending more. You may however get more features built in to get more bang for your buck with the more expensive models. At the lower price point you can grab a HDMy Cube or Carby for around £70 and for a more premium price you can grab a GCHD by E.O.N for around £120, They justify this price by adding new features and hardware revisions. I personally own the HDMy Cube and that does a perfect job, an 18 year old console never looked so good! Youtube channel Oatburner provides a comparison between standard composite and component output All in all, if you're as mad about the Gamecube as i am, definitely grab one of these. Even £70 is alot for what is essentially a cable, but it's a worthwhile investment which will bring several years more life into your trusty old Gamecube.
  16. Nintendo Gameboy Color - Kiwi If you grew up during the late 1980's and 90's, chances are you have at least encountered the Nintendo Gameboy. If you happened to own one, chances are you wear glasses today. I'm pretty sure my eyesight is as bad as it is due to years spent attempting to play the Gameboy in terrible lighting conditions, or even worse; attempting to stay up later than my bed time by hiding under the covers armed with a torch and my Gameboy, Like a midget rebel... still, no system bares as much nostalgia and heartwarming fuzz than my Kiwi Gameboy Color, I took it everywhere in my equally awesome Pikachu carry bag. Anyone else remember those "worm lights" they sold separately that could only remind you of that thing you weren't supposed to find in those drawers you weren't supposed to be looking in... 1998 was 21 years ago, I have aches in places I didn't know existed back then, and my eyes are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard, but i still love my Gameboy..I needed an upgrade. Luckily for me then, some clever sausage from Australia named BennVenn decided to be an absolute fucking legend and develop a ribbon cable that converts the GBC output into the newer GBA LCD output signal, essentially adding support for the screens you would find in the Gameboy Advance SP. BennVenns custom ribbon cable If you're interested in doing this mod yourself, you can achieve this by purchasing the parts yourself and carefully hacking up a Gameboy Color shell. Let's assume though, like me...you are either lazy or too clumsy to perform the mod yourself and just want the end product, there's a shop for that! JellyBelly Customs are a shop that specialise in custom and refurbished consoles for nerds like me who just can't let go.. Whilst there are various other outlets that will also sell you a custom console, JellyBelly Customs go the extra mile, and it definitely shows in their products. JellyBelly Customs Gameboy Color Light You can grab a Gameboy Color Light from JellyBelly Customs for £179.99 You can buy all the standard colour variants of the original, or if you prefer; you can "build your own" and pick 'n' mix to make yourself a unique Gameboy for those extra nostalgic fuzzy feel good points, you cataclysmic nerd. Speaking of Pick 'n' Mix.....Woolworths anyone?
  17. Flickr/Skaughtto 2005... the year of Wi-Fi, Blogging, Nanotechnology, Hybrids, revolutionary leaps in the Robotic industry, and of course; The death of the Gameboy.. So what exactly happened that killed off what is considered the best looking Gameboy ever made? Poor timing and lacking backwards compatibility, the Gameboy Micro released one year after the hugely successful Nintendo DS, it was dead in the water before it had even begun. The beautiful design, bright colourful screen and rich library of games made little difference to the fortune of the ill fated handheld. The Nintendo DS already had backwards compatibility with Gameboy Advance titles, the Gameboy Micro offered nothing particularly new or game changing to the Nintendo line up. That doesn't mean to say it isn't a fantastic console, if a version of the Micro was released today, it would do considerably better than it did on release. Nintendo quickly realised their mistake and cut their losses, the Micro was in production for only 3 years. Nintendo Gameboy Micro - Famicom edition Flickr/Koecki The Gameboy Micro was and still is Nintendo's only product to be housed in a metal shell Nintendo's market strategy was for the Nintendo DS and Gameboy Micro to coexist, with the Micro continuing the Gameboy classic lineage whilst the DS explored new and innovative ways to game, leading to the introduction of stereoscopic 3D technology in the 3DS. The Micro market now consist of hobbyist and collectors, so if you're planning on picking one up, be wary that they are gradually increasing in value and rarity. Is it time for a comeback? The 3DS line is coming to a close with an impressive number of sales, will the Gameboy brand valiantly return? Probably not. Rumour has it Nintendo are releasing a smaller budget version of the switch to fill the huge gap the 3DS will inevitably leave behind. We may see a "Gameboy Classic Mini" soon continuing the profitable trend of repackaged console on a chip collectables, but it will likely have no cartridge slot and a small selection of some of the best sellers. Oh well, I can dream....
  18. So with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate today. Who is excited, who knows which character will be their main? What are people's plans for release? Get people round or play online?
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