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  1. Well hello OBBICH! Tell us a bit about you! Hey there! I'm Rob and my life seems to revolve around gaming both at home and at work; I'm the Store Manager of GAME in Shrewsbury and if I'm not already playing games in my spare time I'll be streaming them while walking on my treadmill. That's an awesome idea! So who/what inspired you to stream? Why on a treadmill? I never really wanted to be a streamer. Even though, just like everyone else, gaming is in my blood and a lot of close friends were pushing me to give it a shot. It was actually SpecialEffect that inspired me to do streaming with my first 24-hour gaming marathon. GAME really gets behind SpecialEffect in February for GameBlast and I read on their website that a lot of people do gaming marathons to help raise money for the charity. This was my first ever stream let alone gaming marathon, I remember feeling quite anxious and not wanting to let anyone down for not finishing the challenge or end up on camera falling asleep! I was proud to finish my first stream and raise £870. That was it for an entire year until the next GameBlast where I did a joint 24-hour marathon with my wife which lead me to doing something big for my third year fundraising for Special Effect: I decided to walk a marathon while gaming. I finally decided to take this online and started regularly streaming from the beginning of this year and train for the big day in February and since then I've been streaming at least three nights a week. twitch.tv/obbich An amazing effort. A lot of new streamers (myself included) struggle on their first live stream, but you do a 24 hour stream AND raise a huge amount of money! How did you network the event and gain viewers on your first outing? Looking back I don’t think I really put myself out there too much. I used the usual social channels; Facebook and Twitter just during the week’s run up to the charity stream. In terms of viewership I was really lucky, starting at midnight I picked up a lot of people from the word go but they weren’t necessarily donating. Another problem I had/have is that streaming through a PS4 has a lot of drawbacks, if you change the game the stream ends which wasn’t ideal but I did manage to reach out too a lot more people that way. At the end of the day it really was all down to my close friends, family and people who I’d met through working for GAME be it colleagues or customers. Was there anything you wish you'd known/done prior to that stream? Hmm... I think with the limitations of the PS4 streaming (no overlays, alerts to name a few) I would of preferred too have streamed through a PC. I should have done my research and watched a few Twitch streamers to get a better idea on how to interact and keep conversations following even when no one was potentially in the chat room. How far through your current marathon are you? How far on average do you walk each stream? I completed the marathon on the same day! I started from 9am and finished just before 6PM. I walked well over the 42.195KM to qualify it as a marathon playing Fortnite for the entire time raising £1,137. I usually aim for 10KM minimum, that way I usually get well over an hour or two on stream and the treadmill. A phenomenal amount raised - congratulations! What about Gameblast - can anyone get involved? Absolutely anyone can do GameBlast! It takes place every February and it’s the largest UK annual charity gaming marathon weekend. You can do a gaming event or your very own marathon whatever takes your fancy, it’s all about raising money for Special Effect and having a good time while doing it! If anyone’s interesting I’ll share the link so that can get involved next year: https://www.gameblast19.org.uk/ Rob fundraising for SpecialEffect So what's the story behind OBBICH? I wouldn't like to say it's a brand, I go OBBICH online and label my streams under Fitness X Gaming just so people can differentiate between a regular stream and myself on the treadmill. What about your goals? What would you like to achieve, either IRL or online? I'm hoping to lose weight! In my mid thirties now and wanted to get a bit healthier, I've gone vegetarian and needed to getting physically fitter too, this was the perfect answer to that. I'd love to meet more people through my streams, I love the idea of having a community of regulars popping in as I see so many times in other peoples stream. Anything else would be a bonus, one step at a time. How do you spend your downtime? If it's not more gaming then I'll be enjoying movies. I absolutely love going to the cinema and try to go as often as I can. Rapid fire questions! First thing that comes to mind is your answer! What's your favourite all-time movie? Shaun of the Dead TV Show? The X-Files Game? Final Fantasy VII Book? Graphic novels count, right? Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness Food? Mexican! Amazing flavours and spice, plus plenty of cheese! Was Thanos wrong to do what he did? Mate. I get that what he thought he was doing was right but ultimately I still think no one person can make that decision and ultimately is wrong on many levels. Promo time - where can we find OBBICH? Twitch.tv/obbich for all your streaming needs @NobbyWalker (Twitter) @OBBICH (Instagram) If you'd like to get involved with 'RS-Meets,' please drop me a DM and complete the questionnaire here!
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