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  1. Hey everyone! And welcome to another edition of TODAY IN GAMING HISTORY!!! This time we take a look at one of the most defining companies from Japan, Capcom. Today marks the 41 year anniversary that Capcom was established, responsible for creating some of our childhood games today which includes Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and those amazing Disney games from the NES. While Capcom started in 1979, it took them 5 years to create their first game called Vulgus, a vertical shooter game. Although it was Capcom’s first, it didn’t really capture the attention Capcom would imagine and later create another vertical shooter game called 1942, focusing on fighter planes and power ups to take down enemy fighters and huge bosses as well. A year later Capcom would release their most difficult game to date, Ghosts n Goblins. An adventure game of the classical knight in shiny armor rescuing the princess from Satan, the game is notorious for its difficulty and for the ending as getting the true ending of the game requires players to complete the game twice. Around the same year, the NES was released and Capcom began shipping arcade ports of their popular arcades to the NES starting with 1942. 2 years later, Street Fighter was released in the arcades. Although it wasn’t the Street Fighter game that we knew today, this marks the start of a franchise that would soon explode years later. Ryu and Ken were designed as a young fighter, with Ryu having red hair instead of black, white headband, and shoes. Street Fighter was also quite broken as the damage base is random. Around the same year Street Fighter was released in the Arcade, Mega Man would debut on the NES and became a huge success. The Blue Bomber changed the ideal of platforming with shooting dynamics and the ideal of using defeat bosses power ups to use against other bosses, requiring players to use a distinct strategy of their own to know who is weaker to what and who to go for first. Mega Man was a huge success when the franchise began to release a series of sequels, spin-offs, and sports games surrounding the name Mega Man, each with their own background story, hero, side characters, and gameplay style. Final Fight would make their arcade debut on 1989, becoming Capcom’s first attempt at a Beat ‘em up game, and brought in popular characters such as Mike Hagger, a professional wrestler turned Mayor of Metro City, Cody, a hot headed fighter, Guy, a ninja who were converses, Hugo, and everyone’s favorite transgender, Poison. The game was a huge success and spawned 2 sequels and 2 spin off games. By 1991, Capcom hit gold with their greatest game of all time, Street Fighter 2. Street Fighter 2 was the first to truly usher in the fighting game era, with returning characters Ryu, Ken, and Sagat alongside popular characters such as Chun-li, Guile, Bison, and many more. The game was fluent, quick, and fun. Street Fighter was the first to bring in the fighting game community as well as the first to have multiple editions of the popular series, making the game more faster, adding super attacks, and bringing more characters. Street Fighter is also credited for influencing the fighting gaming industry, as games such as Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Tekken all were created to challenge Street Fighter, but instead created an identity of their own and have a fan base that is still going strong today. Street Fighter’s popularity was soaring so high that it created its own animated movie called “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie”, and it’s Hollywood film Street Fighter: The Movie, which the former was great and the latter was not. It didn’t deter Street Fighter as the franchise would have several sequels down the road, including the release of Street Fighter Alpha series, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter IV, and Street Fighter V As the years go by, Capcom would continue to create popular mega hit games and sequels as well with games such as Disney’s Aladdin and Alien vs Predator. By 1994, Capcom would bring out their prototype, X-Men: Children of the Atom. The game uses popular characters from the mega hit marvel comic book series X-Men, and has them battle out in a fighting game aspect. The game was popular enough to get a sequel in the form of Marvel Super Heroes, focusing on characters from the Marvel Comic Book series such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the return of Wolverine, and added in the infinity stones to their gameplay. In 1996, Capcom released their newest title in their list of franchise games, Biohazard or better known to us as Resident Evil. Focusing on the zombie survival aspect, players take control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as members of the S.T.A.R.S organization to investigate an outbreak inside the mansion house just miles away from Racoon City. The game was scary at the time and nerve wrecking as the mansion is filled with zombies and monsters with a shocking twist near the end. Resident Evil became an instant classic, creating Resident Evil 2 with popular character Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis that brought back Jill Valentine and introduce us to our nightmare fuel in dark places known as Nemesis, and Resident Evil: Code Veronica having us play as Claire Redfield once more, just to name a few of the series of games Resident Evil has put out. Along with the release of Resident Evil on home consoles came one of the first of many vs titles Capcom has ever put out. After creating popular superhero fighting games, Capcom has decided to create their first tag team crossover game with Marvel’s X-Men characters and Street Fighter characters. X-Men vs Street Fighter was the first of many crossover games Capcom would create over time. It brought us a fantasy booking of who would win in a fight between Ryu and Wolverine, Bison and Magneto, and Zangief and Juggernaut. Their sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter a year later, changed the roster of Marvel heroes and villains and some changes with the Street Fighter Roster. In 1998 however, the franchise began to kick off with one of their many popular releases and well known franchises today, Marvel vs Capcom. The idea of having Marvel heroes such as Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, and Spider Man team up with characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Mega Man, and Morrigan was phenomenal. Marvel vs Capcom was not only fast paced and exciting, but helped introduce fans of the Capcom series and Marvel Comics new characters they may have never heard of at all, including Captain Commando, Strider, Morrigan, Colossus, and War Machine. Things would only get better for the series as two years later Marvel vs Capcom 2 was released on the arcades and home port, bringing in a chaotic atmosphere of insane 3 v 3 gameplay, a stack full of rosters from a wide variety of games and comic book series, 4 original characters, and a killer soundtrack. Marvel vs Capcom would go on to have 3 more releases, with Marvel vs Capcom Infinite being their latest release. Alongside Marvel Vs Capcom, Capcom would also release a number of crossover games such as SNK vs Capcom, Tekken X Street Fighter, and Tatsunoko vs Street Fighter, while getting involved in other projects such as Namco X Capcom and Project X Zone. In 2001 Capcom would continue their stride by releasing a triple set of games that would become a major hit. First was Onimusha, a twist of zombie survival in the feudal era of Japan. Players would assume the role of a samurai as they battle their way to thwart an evil overlord whose goal is to consume this land in chaos. It should have over 1 million copies and was the first PS2. Capcom would later release Devil may Cry and it’s new gameplay mechanic, a hack and slash adventure, focusing on Dante as the son of Sparta and holding the devil power within him to defeat demonic foes. In the Fall, Phoenix takes the case as one of the many series of the franchise that would be released on the Gameboy Advance, focusing on story and courtroom battle as the defendant lawyer of a major case in each arc. All three franchises would get a series of releases down the road. In 2004, the Monster Hunter series was born, bringing in the aspect of adventure roleplaying game and the opportunity to play with friends as the object of the game is to slay or capture monsters for better armor and better weapons. The game would have sequels for various consoles and their latest release, Monster Hunter World, would be awarded as Roleplaying game of the year. 2 years later in 2006, Capcom release Dead Rising, a twist of zombie horror survival, having players use Frank West to kill a horde of zombies trapped inside a mall with a variety of objects in the mall, such as baseball bats, golf clubs, manikins, axes, saws, and many more. It also centers around government involvement in evolution and a terrorist attack at the center mall towards the US. Dead Rising would have 3 more releases after it’s initial run. Capcom has also been involved in the Esports competition, having their games such as Street FIghter III: Third Strike, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were featured in the EVO circuit, as well as creating the Capcom Pro Tour in 2014. Although major games such as Street Fighter and Resident Evil still get a load of attention today, it’s not to say that fans of the popular company solely focus on the games that were stated above, as Capcom has released a major ton of games over the course of their 41 year tenure. Games such as Power Stone, Rival Schools, Viewtiful Joe, Dino Crisis, the Breath of Fire series, Darkstalkers, Puzzle Fighters, Shantae, Okami, and many many more games were released under their name. Some were able to get one more sequel before being forgotten, while others live on through other developers or a set of remixes and remakes. Capcom isn’t perfect so to say, games fans of certain franchise series do get shafted every now and then, with either poor gameplay mechanics, poor story, poor roster, poor design, or poor business practices. Yet, when we hear the word Capcom, we immediately strike to the first game that comes to our mind, either recent or popular franchise. Whether it was a game we enjoy playing with friends and strangers, or hours spent on perfecting our skills for future tournaments. Whether it is the retro of games from the past, or the anticipation of new news of a future game released from Capcom. Capcom feels like a symbol of variety we need in our lifetime. A chance to fight out our frustrations in fighting games, explore the horrors of an undead infested city, venture on a land searching for the creatures we need to apprehend, or being able to get a one up against a line of bosses using their partners powers against them. For over 41 years, Capcom has been able to bring joy to the gaming community and will still do so for another set of years.
  2. With the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath around the corner, Netherrealm has shown that a fighting game story can continue after hours of completing the cinematic specuatal a player journey through, with wild predictions of what will happen after the ending. This marks the first time a fighting game continues the story via DLC, since fighting games would release a new game with a story intact. The truth is we needed a DLC story mode for these games in the first place, as it captures the hardcore and casual fanbase who enjoys these games from the characters or story presented and wanted to know more of what is going on. A new antagonist to defeat, returning and new characters to be introduced, and a possibility of shifting the story to what was something minor or frustrating at first to something huge and major can keep the game more relevant before the next installment of the series. Here are 5 games that are in need of an extra story mode DLC. 5.) Dead or Alive 6 While Dead or Alive 6 focuses a lot on the costumes, the story, while lackluster, was okay and the ending centering around what the newest character NiCO was plotting with Helena left on a cliffhanger. Still, Dead or Alive 6 does have potential, especially since DOA has brought in special guest characters from other franchises, mostly the King of Fighter games. A crossover between DOA and KOF would help the franchise a lot, since it would allow popular characters such as Kyo, Iroi, and Terry Bogard to cross over to the DOA world, and more female characters such as King, Yuri, Leona, and Athena would help represent the female character fan-base. The idea of using the Orochi bloodline is perfect since characters like Hayabusa, having experience fighting demons and monsters outside of his participation in the Dead or Alive tournament. If DOA could keep their DLC to something affordable compared to the costume packages they release monthly, and have a good story, DOA could put themselves back on the map. 4.) Blazblue Of all the anime fighting games out there, none are more frustrating to look forward to than the Blazblue games, one that had an amazing run with their first three games, before toppling over with more releases that didn’t make sense, since several characters were from other source of media, media that the western players may not be able to obtain. Newer characters were released and while some had amazing game-play, the story was a mess and confusing, with some character’s personalities stripped or altered, and some having poor purpose for being in the story after the second release. An ending to the Blazblue series is possibly needed, and while another Blazblue release could help with the series, a DLC sounds better since the game already has a large list of characters in their fighting games, and adding in more characters could spell confusion or disaster for the story. We need a climax for the series and one that could be for affordable pricing could help end the series once and for all, before a possible reboot is in call for, just like how Guilty Gear creators have done with their game. 3.) Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid The Power Rangers story was great. Take one of the Rangers greatest threat name Drakkon who wanted ultimate power off the morphing grid, seemly kill off several characters in the Power Rangers universe, bring in characters from all Power Rangers media source, including the recent Power Rangers Movie, and you have yourself one huge battle for not just the world, but the entire dimension. Power Rangers could do another story mode for their game, one that can consist of a new villain wanting to take over the world. Characters like Emperor Grumm, Trakeena, Astronema, or our favorite Lord Zedd could serve as the main villain of the DLC and this could bring in more characters from other Power Ranger series, including Lost Galaxy, Jungle Fury, Dino Charge, or the recent series Beast Morphers and Dino Fury. The more fan favorites popping in, the more thrilling the game and story can be. 2.) Skullgirls Although it has been years since Skullgirls has had an update to their DLC with new characters, the story is still something that is absent from the game, since the story can be done based on each character, similar to what Blazblue and Guilty Gear has done with their game. However, a linear story mode, similar to what top level games has done, is helpful as we get a chance to know what happen to each characters and what the main story is all about, and how the game would properly end, instead of a knock off 4th wall breaking with two girls playing Skullgirls, and a figure representing one of the characters in the game appears playing as their mother. It’s great that Skullgirls has a good story, a great guessing to how things went, and a dedicated fan-base, but going from the start to finish, with a theory as to how the story actually ends, could boost this game and sales, and a possible call for another sequel. 1.) Street Fighter V Street Fighter V did release a story mode for DLC, but the truth is, Capcom didn’t need to do that in the first place. Instead of a story mode, we were treated with a single character story which only involved the characters having 1 or 2 fights and is very very short, a blasphemy to what Street Fighter is all about. Although Street Fighter has left a satisfying end, with an anticipating new story centering around Gil, Street Fighter instead has brought in characters for DLC. It’s great that we received new characters, but the thought of a continuing story would have been better, especially since characters like Urien and Gil would later be released and playable to the public. Even characters such as Seth or Poison would have been perfect for the new storyline, focusing on Seth looking for revenge on a character who is long gone, or a Poison starting up her own wrestling promotion with a former M.A.D. Gear Gang member. Street Fighter V would have been the perfect catalyst for future DLC characters or sequel, setting up the bridge for a sequel down the line.
  3. Our regular Monday Smash Ultimate Tournament has gotten bigger and better! Alongside teaming up with SmashPoint Series to run our weekly Smash tournament, we are opening the night to all fighter fans! Smash Tournament Sign up between 6:30pm and 7:00pm! First games to start at 7-8pm. You must buy a drink to be eligible for entry to the tournament and must bring your own controller to play with! Each week there is a Cash Prize to be won for 1st place, and a Bar tab prize for 2nd! Community Fight Night We will also be hosting community console fighting games along side our usual Smash Nights! Currently this is a new addition to the line up, while we have Tekken 7 and Street Fighter available, you are fully welcome to bring any games, consoles or fight sticks of your own! We are open to recommendations of what games you'd like to see us get in for it! So come on down and take each other other on your favorite fighting games. 3... 2... 1... FIGHT!
  4. until
    A great night of fun,food, and video games, what is there not to like!! This month's theme is all about "Naughty or Nice" fighting games, where you will be going head to head with other contestants in some of the greatest fighting games of all time, and some of the not so greatest fighting games, all to be in with a chance to win one of our highly coveted trophy's and get your picture on our wall of fame! We will also be holding a very special raffle this month, where we will be raffling off one of the amazing single player arcade crates, which is a smaller version of the awesome arcade stick that we have here in the cafe. This alongside with some other awesome items, we are getting in the Christmas spirit early! The gaming night is free to enter for all customers so come on down and enjoy some good food great games and possibly win some awesome prizes.
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