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Found 7 results

  1. This is my first topic, not that it matters. Lets get to it, so far Ember is a very comfortable experience, and I'm very happy to see development taking the initiative in migration features, I have alot of very established communities already under my studio so thats something that is very important to us on any platform, migration, syncing, cross-integration. Im curious if there are any other features or ideas planned that we can use to assist community and user migration, one thing in specific is calendar syncing for communities. For us personally, we host community event calenders through Google's calendar API. Would syncing or integrating this be possible in the future? (And any other features that can assist with migration and integration in general) My other point of curiosity is how community growth and post reach is planned, on Twitter you rely on retweet to spread your reach, on Youtube its suggested videos in the sidebar and on the home page based on content you watch, on Facebook its group tagging and internal platform advertisements. What kind of system is planned for Ember? How does one grow a brand or community inside the walls of the platform without reaching outside to bring more people in. Cute character named Flynn the Flame from our Studios latest venture, incidentally named Embr attached as Tax
  2. Here you can show your Art pieces! From drawing over crafting anything that has to do with art you can show here!
  3. Hey all! Ember is proud to announce the appointment a new community manager to the Ember team! @CelestialxZen She will be available to help with promotion, feedback and of course, conquering the world! specifically the North American region for Ember and also helping out with our official affiliated community, The Forge She'll also be around to help any problems, should you ever face any! We look forward to growing Ember with our little team! Be sure to give them a follow! https://emberapp.gg/profile/21-celestialxzen/ https://twitter.com/celestialxzen Cheers!
  4. Hey guys, Just a wee update since there's a lot new people joining Ember, which is fantastic! First of all, let me iterate....this isn't it! We are in alpha build 1.4 and have quite a way to go before full release (PC, Android + iOS)! We are an indie project so as you can imagine, development can be quite slow compared to say, a large scaleable business.. Expect loads of changes and more updates over the coming months, we have so, SO many things planned. We touched base on a rough guideline of the future in our May Development Update Communities As you may have noticed, you're in the 'Communities' section right now...and they look like shit! Our 1.5 update completely overhauls these and prepares them for their intended users...Creator Communities (like Forge), minecraft servers, LARP & roleplay guilds, cosplay communities... You name it. Generally any gaming community that could make use of the features. They will be completely customisable, right down to the page background and icons, including things such as forum headers and sections as welll as having integrated discord features. I won't go too much more into detail but below is a couple of images from what we're working on! (These are very basic drafts, a lot of things won't look like they do below, such as Discord join buttons etc) and the real things go into much more depth feature wise, but I won't spoil everything... Some things are better left as surprises for you all!
  5. Oh man - do we have a monstrously good competition for you! Today we launch 'The Great Ember Profile Giveaway' - your opportunity to win a copy of Cyberpunk 2077! The competition is simple - three steps! 1. Sign up to an EmberGN account at https://emberapp.gg 2. Complete your EmberGN profile! 3. Follow the EmberGN Twitter account - https://twitter.com/ember_gn - and RT the competition tweet! We're looking for big, beautiful, colourful banners; profile pictures; long bios; short bios; favourite games; Twitch/Youtube/Twitter integrations if you have them - just be as creative as possible! The profiles feature an incredible amount of customization, so make the most of it! You can then go on to set your country; your social media links and share your online presence with the rest of the Ember Users! You can even use gifs for banners and profile pictures! Looking for somewhere to start? Check out this instructional on setting up your profile: Profile Basics Entry will be open to all Ember profiles, with the competition closing on the 30th August 2019. The Admin team will then select 12-15 finalists to be shared on social media - with the most popular profile taking the top prize! Preorder keys will be issued at time of selecting winner. Winner to advise on preferred platform.
  6. Hey all! Ember is proud to announce the appointment of two new community managers to the Ember Team. Please welcome @RegalSausage and @Knoxy! Be sure to give them a follow! They will be available to help with promotion, feedback and of course, conquering the world. They'll also be around to help any problems, should you ever face any! We look forward to growing Ember with our little team! Cheers!
  7. There was a lot of hype for The Division 2 within the Forge Community, from as early as December 2018... and boy, has the game lived up to expectations. Our Agents have spent the last three weeks, looting and shooting their way through DC (some of them almost daily), on a seemingly endless mission to clean the streets. No mean feat. For those of you that are yet to play, you take on the role of a Division Agent - a sleeper unit summoned into action after a deadly virus outbreak. Much of the US government and leadership is either dead or missing, whilst the capital itself is under the control of three warring factions; The Hyenas, The Outcasts and The True Sons. As a highly trained agent, you roam the streets running various errands, regaining control of Washington DC block by block, in pursuit of a possible 'Green Poison' cure. Once you complete the main storyline, you get to take on the endgame and earn some rare loot - which is where the fun really begins! Agents must ransack and clear enemy strongholds in order to increase their World Tier ranking - opening the door to better loot. Don''t forget - "It's dangerous to go alone!" Which is where The Forge comes in. From release date, we have been operating two clans - one on PC and one on PlayStation - with an aim to get as many Forge and Ember members in with us as possible! Both are very active, hold a good roster of players and are keen to help others reach the endgame content. At the time of writing, our PC clan (headed by Forge admin @wochinimen) is currently Level 15 and sits 18 members strong, many of whom are already farming towards World Tier 4 - in preparation for World Tier 5 and the next significant Stronghold - Tidal Basin. The PlayStation team, headed by @KayTMo, is up to Level 10 and boasts six Tier 4 characters! Dedication! Ready to answer the call Agent? Get in touch with either of the clan leaders, who will be able to talk you through getting started and signing up to the clan. We have dedicated chat and voice channels within the Forge Discord server - just type !division to access them!
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