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  1. Coming in today with a Full Released game and an Early Access game. Big cannons, jet-propelled feet, some awesome riffs playing in your speakers and cheesy as hell English subtitles. This is an anime mecha game, Hardcore Mecha. You get to feel the weight of controlling a huge giant robot with cannons, the recoil and animation are on point for combat and cut scenes that flash on every now and then. Although released as a finished game, the devs are still working tirelessly to bring in more content and game modes for all you lovely people. Crawling robots are beginning to normalise how we feel about creepy crawlies, or is it just me? Creepy crawl along the walls, ceilings and pretty much any surface as you sneak your way around the levels. In Code S-44, you play as... Code S-44, searching for his best friend S-12. Be warned though, this is only Episode 1 and you may not get closure at the end of it. Check them out below and tell me what you think. Any of these grab your attention like it did mine? HARDCORE MECHA (http://www.rocketpunchgames.com/) Genre: Action, Dual-Stick Shooter, Mecha Price: $16.99/£13.16 (15% off till July 9) Developer: RocketPunch Games Publisher: RocketPunch Games Release Date: 26th June 2019 Available on PC and PS4 ►Steam Store The Campaign mode offers rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes for an immersive experience. As a professional mercenary, you are gradually caught in between a conspiracy of insurgency during the missions. In the face of the enemy with all intentions and the continuous battles, you start to think about what you are fighting for in this overwhelming warfare. It's like playing an anime, a Mecha Anime. The designs and animation for this are top-notch, compliments all around for an awesome job. Can you imagine having each one of these mechs as a figurine on your desk? Your little army would be the envy of all. I'm not here to talk figurines though, let's move onto the game. Combat is fluid and fun to play with each of the mechs having different strategies and styles of play. It's mainly a dual-stick shooter with varied movement as you can walk, dash and fly making Boss fights incredibly fun and almost play out like a brawler. Utilize all your different attacks and sharp reflexes to win the fight. This game contains several modes (a few still in development, but I'll get round to that). Right now the two biggest and most important modes are available. Campaign and Local/Online Multiplayer. The campaign is pretty rich and gives several nods to the anime community with well-known tropes and cliches, but it works because we love it. The over the top reactions and cheesy lines, brilliant. Between mission you are given the opportunity to spend points on new parts and skills, developing your character the way you want to fight. Up until recently, there have been a few (just a few) bad reviews concerning missing content. This is mostly coming from those that have been along the journey since Kickstarter and remember what was promised. Well with patience, we have gotten an update and the developers have not forgotten, in fact, they have been working tirelessly everyday including weekends to get all this content available to create the game they are so passionate about. I commend you for your hard work and communication. Don't break your backs, you already have an amazingly detailed game that is great to play, I for one can be patient to get all the extra content you are creating. EARLY ACCESS Code S-44: Episode 1 (https://twitter.com/Code_S44) Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Price: FREE TO PLAY Developer: Little Bot Studio Publisher: Little Bot Studio Release Date: 26th June 2019 Available on PC ►Steam Store You are S-44, a pretty cool spider-bot able to climb everything. Sneak your way from the deepest slums to the highest heavily guarded buildings in order to save your best friend in the fantastic but dangerous town of New Bot City. You know a game is good when it can be challenging but still fun. What makes this game work so well is the use of stealth and puzzle-solving to create levels that give you a big sense of achievement when you complete them. The art style is beautiful, a sort of cell-shaded comic book style that is becoming popular these days and music that will keep the atmosphere tense as you sneak around the environment. Now it's not a very long game, but as the title says, it is just Episode 1. There is a story that runs through and I look forward to finding out more in coming episodes and how they expand on these mechanics. This game may work well for a short first episode, but I'll need to see more if I am to keep coming back in future episodes. How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? “There will be new cinematics, polished levels and, if possible, a whole new level that would work as an introduction to Episode 2.” Stay tuned for more New Releases and Early Access picks later tomorrow.
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