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  1. Sometimes life really kicks you in the ass and you just don't know what to do with yourself.
    You feel alone while… https://t.co/23QiAVFCHz

  2. RT @IGN: IGN readers have revealed they're more interested in PlayStation's next-gen console over any other manufacturer. https://t.co/z5XH…

  3. This is amazing. What more can i say? Football <3 https://t.co/0WX1cv3Jcf

  4. RT @ImmortaSky: Playing more #eso hopefully my net will behave today! <3

  5. @LowercaseTuna45 Exactly, so be proud of the accomplishment instead of acting like the greatest team in the world 🙂… https://t.co/YVq6JJ0tOu

  6. @SamGreenMedia Or SMGheads

  7. @SamGreenMedia Smegheads

  8. @LowercaseTuna45 All Liverpool fans would have. You are the worst losers and worst winners.

  9. @LowercaseTuna45 Point proven thanks dude

  10. That moment when you realise not only is it Monday Morning, but you have to deal with a Liverpool fan at work https://t.co/rGLp3b7APc

  11. If Days Gone was real, would you survive? https://t.co/m3uOo1AH9Q come watch me as I battle with the hordes and joi… https://t.co/REi7A0Ba2F

  12. STREAM 2 of the day coming at you LIVE! https://t.co/71P44JlUsC Come join in the conversation and feel free to ask… https://t.co/AiJNboYQYc

  13. RT @AidanWalshMUFC: The year is 2297, Liverpool will still talk about this.

  14. I'm going to get arrested because i'm trying something different on stream https://t.co/JX7tCyvZQS Come watch it un… https://t.co/vXkKNTI2mm

  15. If someone who isn't making money can make this - then why can't the idiots at Paramount who are getting paid?! CAR… https://t.co/I7KTdC1Ltt

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