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Developing Sector's Edge, a first person shooter with a completely destructible environment. Message me for a Steam key!
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  1. We are running our very first tournament for Sector's Edge!

    Anyone can enter, there are rewards for every participant and a prize for the winning team. See the details here:


  2. until
    We will be testing the new version of Sector's Edge tonight at 3:30pm EST / 8:30pm BST. If you don't have a Steam key yet, comment or send me a message and I'll give you one.
  3. We are back with a brand new update! We have a match scheduled in 9 hours, message me if you want a Steam key for free.

    Here's the highlights video from our scheduled match last night:


    1. HappyFeet_1402


      Any chance of UK scheduled matches on week nights? (I can’t play weekends anymore 😔)

    2. Vercidium


      Absolutely! Which nights are best for you?

    3. HappyFeet_1402


      Pretty much any day Monday-Friday unless something crops up 😆 

  4. Polishing low poly water and skybox blending for Sector's Edge


  5. until
    This match is scheduled for Friday 10pm EST - would be great to see some new faces in game! If you don't have a Steam key yet, let me know
  6. until
    Our next match is scheduled for 9pm UK time Friday night. Would be great to see you there!
  7. until
    Our next match is catered for our USA users and scheduled for 8pm Wednesday night (GMT - 4). If you haven't received a Steam key yet, let me know and I'll send you one. Here's a highlight video from our last match:
  8. New video up on Twitter! Thanks to the community for submitting gameplay videos, it makes it a lot easier for me 🙂 



    The logo works really well on a coloured background, so I made a Twitter announcement that I've joined the #EmberGN!
  9. That would be great! I've sent you a message
  10. We have received a stack of Steam keys to give out for free! Comment below if you'd like to receive one.
  11. until
    We are running scheduled matches on Monday 9pm UK Time (GMT + 1), which will last for a couple hours. If you haven't yet received a Steam key, message me on our Discord Server or any of our social media platforms listed here. If I'm asleep, you can download the game from our website.
  12. Just released the Early Access trailer for Sector's Edge! Watch it here: 


    1. HappyFeet_1402


      Oh wow! 😲 this looks amazing!

    2. Vercidium
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