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Status Updates posted by wochinimen

  1. In 30 minutes live again on @Eurogamer_it media channel with another night of @MTG_Arena. A new spicy deck and the… https://t.co/26TMMXVNUl

  2. My week on Twitter 🎉: 1 Mention, 5 Likes, 1 Retweet, 248 Retweet Reach. See yours with https://t.co/K81WYtgxah https://t.co/kyOOvd6QEG

  3. @Covert_Ronin Thats the whole point. there isn't! and yet is still something spread so much!

  4. This tweet out of the blue is because i have seen an upcoming event called "girl gamers" CON or something like that… https://t.co/AxlpT7DmW6

  5. In 2019 there is still a need to distinguish between gamers and girl gamers??? We are ALL gamers regardless of gend… https://t.co/WCro0lWlFd

  6. Our biggest fans this week: cyniChrisC. Thank you! via https://t.co/JY3vg1PbJp https://t.co/YtDb00Hai7

  7. In 5 minutes is once again #storytimemonday with Witcher 3!!! https://t.co/rc3ndfAOo8 for some chilled adventures a… https://t.co/8S50lIChZ3

  8. Well after a day spent on paperwork i can finally start a stream! Live in 5 minutes with some WoW and something els… https://t.co/geBBcYuzyr

  9. RT @cyniChrisC: Our second journey through Unova is going relatively well so far! Aiming for no losses today!
    Going live with more of the P…

  10. Since everyone is playing games with random components... well tonight's chill stream will be CIV 5 with a random… https://t.co/yIMl3xrbWm

  11. "A Matter of Life and Death" a Cyberpunk 2020 Campaign. Episode 4
    Starring @cyniChrisC @Crossterminal… https://t.co/4vw0ZmokOt

  12. Moving to @MTG_Arena now but the dreaded update strikes on a live... at least we have chill music... this sums up my day....

  13. Chilling and farming with some Division 2 preparing to tackle properly the raid! Live in 5 minutes at https://t.co/rc3ndfAOo8 #EmberGN

  14. RT @Ember_GN: EmberGN would like to welcome our new Community Managers to the team - @TheKnoxbear and @RegalSausage

    They'll be promoting…

  15. RT @Ember_GN: We're developing a platform for #gamers, #Streamers, #Cosplayers, #Bloggers, #Artists, Community host, Indie Devs and more!…

  16. Chilling In WoW before a raid night! Catch me live now at https://t.co/rc3ndfAOo8

  17. "i should"... Stupid typo

  18. I just wish i could focus on my ideas and on my projects. But i cant stop thinking of those who abandoned me or bac… https://t.co/Go5zciefyZ

  19. I wish i was treated by those around me the same way i treat everyone. With respect and honesty. If you are pretend… https://t.co/Juz6FXEkgU

  20. In 10 minutes i will be once again guest of @Eurogamer_it media channels for a night with @MTG_Arena !!! Stream in… https://t.co/6AmVrDUifz

  21. My week on Twitter 🎉: 12 Mentions, 1.3K Mention Reach, 17 Likes, 6 Retweets, 3.01K Retweet Reach. See yours with… https://t.co/nE0XhaNw9R

  22. RT @cyniChrisC: I'm delving back into the world of randomizers today, and playing one of my favourite games of all time!
    Going live with Th…

  23. Our biggest fans this week: Crossterminal, KayTMo_Twitch, hintfishy. Thank you! via https://t.co/JY3vg1PbJp https://t.co/U2dFEDZUOF

  24. @Lilayaah @witchergame if u need an additional push i am goin live with it in like 5 minutes :D

  25. Live in 10 minutes with our usual The Witcher 3 for #storytimemonday!! Join me at https://t.co/rc3ndfAOo8 #embergn #forgegaming

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