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57 Shards

My passion is helping indie developers get the exposure they deserve by reviewing their games and showcasing them in Lets Plays on my youtube channel found here: http://bit.ly/RaginRamenYoutube

I am but a single man, so, unfortunately, I don't have time to look at all the amazing games coming out every week. But I try my best to help the ones that really stand out for me.

About RaginRamen

#Youtube #LetsPlayer | passion for #Indiegames | #Twitch streamer | Master of the Soup Dojo |

It is my pleasure to deliver to you content that I feel is informative and tells you about the amazing games you may not have heard of.

The hundreds and hundreds of Indie Developers out there have a hard job and that is blowing your minds away with a limited budget and sometimes around a day job. It’s tough. On top of all this, many don’t get the recognition I think they deserve because they are not heard.

I can’t have that, it makes me sad, so I thought I would try and do something about it. Use what I know about design, editing and writing and create a whole range of media to shout to the world about the many games out there that I have enjoyed and you all should check out.

Look forward to getting to know all of ya!

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