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My passion is helping indie developers get the exposure they deserve by reviewing their games and showcasing them in Lets Plays on my youtube channel found here: http://bit.ly/RaginRamenYoutube

I am but a single man, so, unfortunately, I don't have time to look at all the amazing games coming out every week. But I try my best to help the ones that really stand out for me.

Writers Blocks

    Discovering IndieGames with RaginRamen

    This will be filled with updates on the newest IndieGames to land on Steam/Epic/Itchio, that deserve recognition and need to be checked out.

    Will try to post every day with details and images, but some days will be busier than others.

    Other posts you might find in here include:
    Kickstarters to check out
    Review Articles that I have written
    Visits to Conferences and Festivals

    Hope you'll enjoy what I find and give a follow if you want more.RaginRamenEvo.thumb.png.75f8ea09a460302c44ee76c3d9b785b0.png


Also contributes to:

    Indie Forged

    Indie Forged


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