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Hello i´m Ulrike Katalin Zsikin aka RabenKatze. I am a half german/ hungarian female, living in Germany and i love to draw and be creative with different mediums. Right now i´m a Freelance Artist and work to become better in Digital and Tradtional Art.
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  1. I can´t wait for the Steven Universe Movie coming to Cartoon Network September 2th ❤️

    I can´t stop listening to the Trailer Song: True Kinda Love


  2. Here you can show your Art pieces! From drawing over crafting anything that has to do with art you can show here!
  3. need cute emotes for your Twitch? then i´m the right person for you! check out my Website (link: https://rabenkatze.jimdosite.com/) rabenkatze.jimdosite.com for more infos and examples and write me if you want emotes!


  4. Sales ends on 31th July. 2019 ❤️


  5. you want some special RabenKatze merch from a very talented fricking amazing artist called @generalkaoslive ? then… https://t.co/FBmdupoI9n

  6. I just jump on the Bandwagon and have now a tiny bit of merch ☺️ maybe check it out maybe get yourself or someone e… https://t.co/leysfvs6Oe

  7. @TTV_Nightow1 yay witcher!

  8. @UnicornHairz https://t.co/t27xnYBsFx

  9. @m1cromanag3r Gosh i hated when he appears xD

  10. RT @ColeTheBlackCat: Very true! ... and I'm sure most other people reading this have stepped in some too 😂

    #catownerswillunderstand https:…

  11. RT @deadheaddraven: @TTV_Nightow1 Simply Classic https://t.co/rqy8rVcAlc

  12. @TTV_Nightow1 @PixiePie14 https://t.co/oeQg7Rmmfb

  13. @TTV_Nightow1 @PixiePie14 NEVER https://t.co/q6nIgqWqKj

  14. RT @wochinimen: In 2019 there is still a need to distinguish between gamers and girl gamers??? We are ALL gamers regardless of gender as we…

  15. RT @TTV_Nightow1: See you all in An hour!!!!!

    https://t.co/Lxg6MDhsk4 https://t.co/6ZwZ6cBSQl

  16. RT @OriginalFunko: RT & follow @OriginalFunko for a chance to WIN a @HotTopic exclusive Super Sized Dragon Ball Z Shenron (Jade) Pop! #DBZ…

  17. @TBrozerker https://t.co/IrPOVU9l4y

  18. @UnicornHairz she wanted just to DU DU DUUUDUEL x,D

  19. @NaomiJov ich hab schon das wochendne pause gemacht...wenns kein auftrag wäre würd ich mich auch nicht so stressen x,D gaaah

  20. @NaomiJov das ja wenigstens nen grund keine ideen zu haben (was ne kuh hoffe sie bekommts zurück x,D) ich sitz aber… https://t.co/fea4BrRKwu

  21. i sit for hours in front of a blank page! i love when creativity just don´t want to work xD grr please Muses of Art… https://t.co/Jb9G0ZetUm

  22. RT @tonikopantoja: For those who are worried about having their own unique drawing style, spoiler alert: you already kinda have it. Let me…

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