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Hello i´m Ulrike Katalin Zsikin aka RabenKatze. I am a half german/ hungarian female, living in Germany and i love to draw and be creative with different mediums. Right now i´m a Freelance Artist and work to become better in Digital and Tradtional Art.
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    Hi Guys this is for my PawPal Community, Friends and showcasing my Art with all of you!

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    This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!

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    A random group for Cyberpunk fans, Movies, Tabletop gaming, or of course videogames, Cyuberpunk 2077 hyyype.

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    Welcome to the Forge A Community dedicated to content creators, cosplayers and gamers around the world - somewhere you can find like-minded people to chat with, game with and watch movies with. Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/hCyk8V6

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    Talking about one of gamings TABOO subjects! gasp! but on't worry, we probably wont do anything too brash.

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    Hey everybody welcome to the Galactic Republic, my Galactic Republic! Everybody is welcome here and yes that also includes dark side individuels, people who support the Empire, Siths etc (But watch yourself ;)). My name is Katie and as you can see I am a bit of a Star Wars nut. I love all things geeky and gaming and looking forward to sharing this community with you. I have a small community that continues to grow and hopefully this place helps with that growth and development. Star Wars, all things gaming, all things geeky if your a fan of those things then your in the right place!

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    This is a place for all Stardew Valley fans to come together and discuss Stardew Valley!

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    Official Community Page for my Twitch Streaming!

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