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  1. From the youtube app (currently on Ember test). All youtube data is grabbed by task, the end user only accesses th… https://t.co/ZexIlTpr7w

  2. Get to new inquiries by tomorrow - Thanks guys. On another note, my automated youtube app will be ready soon and m… https://t.co/V6kDeYhOWT

  3. @_Alethia @matticus @MaekaGaming @bazyx @_dette_s @DageTheEvil @OfficialEvad @GliTcHeDIx Doing ALOT of projects on… https://t.co/9CXFeG0CIP

  4. @StilllTyler Of course there are other CMS’ out there ie xenforo / wordpress, but I still prefer this one.

  5. @StilllTyler It’s actually not limited in any way, we can do literally anything we want. In all scenarios, I used… https://t.co/ybMhEVA8BD

  6. @StilllTyler There’s also https://t.co/GYiaFmVd1s

  7. @StilllTyler No mostly Invision Community these days

  8. Early Honor project is live, we are building a lot:

    Next update involves more Discord i… https://t.co/i0aeLDP8zs

  9. @graphiteIsaac Just lower your bar and you’ll be fine.

  10. I don't care what you say, Phoebe from Friends = Screech from Saved By the Bell......

    Like, anybody else would hav… https://t.co/K09FeLAc14

  11. @iPauleh Thanks pal

  12. @SkyServerMinecr No, most definitely not. This was built on a CMS called 'Invision Community' - This is a heavily… https://t.co/bzAfnabXJR

  13. @iPauleh Yes. Ember is one of my clients and I developed their site / custom applications / server etc.

  14. New UI/features for the Ember project:https://t.co/nWnksy0xwd - Fresh launch, whole lot of new stuff

  15. I'll get to those new inquiries tonight guys!

  16. Will get to new inquiries this weekend! 👍

  17. Twitch app integration - View stream page. Header etc are automatically loaded from the rotating task https://t.co/JRXDT4hF9D

  18. Previews of Twitch API app. 1) login population of users to the system (after they consent post login) 2) adding t… https://t.co/jYhQE3s6TQ

  19. Getting to new inquiries tonight

  20. Updated the Enjin->Discord bot, the update solves old news articles from being posted if an article is deleted (del… https://t.co/QjfBKq2L4s

  21. @csgodevil I know your pain...and when you complain about delays / radio silence, you are met with clap emojis 👏👏👏

  22. Upcoming UI changes to the Ember project, still ALOT to do but soon live. https://t.co/o57JcwsIU5

  23. New website launch (on Enjin): Zitoria

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