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    The howling demon prowls outside. I hear it's baleful cries as it threatens to turn the remains of my once proud fortress to rubble and ash. Tearing upon each layer of the outer walls with its rage and brimstone. What have i done to draw its fearful ire? Will I remain once the assault relents or will I crumble to shadow, to the dark where I was once born? With no alternative I will face the beast head on, this devil will not have the best of me. Perhaps in my folly I can draw its gaze elsewhere, far from this shattered fortress I dubbed my heart.
  2. Do it Kyathil! once you have your fix try multiplayer it's alot of fun
  3. Little link to my own stuff. I'm a freelance voice actor due to appear in an RPG set for release next year, also work with a few more corporate clients. Chatfield Voice Websites being redesigned as we speak to get rid of the horrid place holder Also working on a little project with another voice actor called Audoblex which is to be released very soon.
  4. Top notch fella! Liking the review style
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