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  1. RT @CAGpodcast: Cross Atlantic Gaming Episode 53, One year and counting! Mailbag, Dauntless, Tomb Raider, RDR2, news and a bunch of other s…

  2. @civilwarlord @RahulKohli13 Castle Greyskull - I’m not jealous much!

  3. Stream Team is live now with Dragon Age!
    #DragonAgeInquisition #streaming #livenow #mixer https://t.co/nhBZ0gJhDw

  4. RT @CAGpodcast: We will be live today with episode 53 on Mixer https://t.co/untEmdE3Nv
    9pm BST or 4pm EST

    This is our year anniversary ep…

  5. @Franchize1140 Haunting of the hill house on Netflix is a must watch

  6. @DSGCast @flyincattlebird @TheDivisionGame If you liked DSG podcast, you’ll like @CAGpodcast.

  7. RT @CAGpodcast: Episode 53 One Year Celebration will be live on Mixer. Sunday 26th May at 9pm BST/4pm EST

    We will have giveaways and more!…

  8. @BekahBear101 Your lighting in streams great. What’s the make of the ring light

  9. @BekahBear101 Is that the only lighting you use on your stream?

  10. Come check out the newest episode of my podcast!
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    #ShareAShow #podcast #gaming #xbox… https://t.co/dC4X4faJPG

  11. RT @CAGpodcast: Have you caught up with episode 51? Download it today before episode 52 drops tomorrow

    🍎 https://t.co/DJDY9pcBXJ

    🖥 https…

  12. RT @RealGamerscore: Check out the latest episode of The Real Gamerscore podcast! https://t.co/V2bpSByviN https://t.co/ct3bFe5YaX

  13. RT @CAGpodcast: Cross Atlantic Gaming, Episode 52 out now. Risky is playing the same old stuff, Chocolate started The Messenger and Moose &…

  14. RT @GoodfieldTanner: I’m going to review podcasts and score them straight pizza review style. I’m also going to pick one at rando to do a v…

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