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  1. @ZoltonCxZ xD I mean I wasn't gonna say anything but it was like a 10.00 meteor shower hit that message

  2. @ZoltonCxZ The crazy thing is, it's true. That brought people together more than anything in a very long time. All… https://t.co/AV4x6ziMW1

  3. @BehroozRezvani Give it a few years and they will the butt of the next parts manufacturer joke. It swaps constantly… https://t.co/MGzefE89ut

  4. @IntelBusiness Has anyone tried both a high end Intel and a Ryzen, how have they compared? As far as I used to know… https://t.co/8NNjfpDnE5

  5. @BehroozRezvani @intel @AMDRyzen It's a complete back and forth. They still both have strong points but yes the mot… https://t.co/GJnVkYu4jJ

  6. RT @jorywea: Kit and Emilia’s reaction at the last table read #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch https://t.co/nGBHuHNrnf

  7. @BehroozRezvani @intel @AMDRyzen For as long as I've known AMD they're much hotter, less power for what you get. Si… https://t.co/9YiE6vFEol

  8. @Andi49383489 Honestly it's just so disheartening to see this. All the focuses removed or just shells. It is basica… https://t.co/GB9RYVVc42

  9. @UnicornHairz I guess Yu-Gi-Oh cards should have been a disease too when loads collected them. But oh no now kids u… https://t.co/F8uyYK6Bnq

  10. Oh and also visual, a lot of text isn't very smooth and can be hard to read but that's something that can easily be… https://t.co/E9HqTml1vb

  11. Honestly @CAGames my main gripe is just visual, I was hoping arrows would be less bright and blue on records mode a… https://t.co/yahcHCTSoh

  12. Loving #TotalWarThreeKingdoms, records mode is definitely more for me I'm just so glad they appealed to both. Also,… https://t.co/QNVYagW3v7

  13. @TwistyShape I think my trusty 980 Ti will be powering me through another couple of years with the prices of PC parts atm.

  14. @pictarpostar @JimSterling That just made my day 😂

  15. @ZoltonCxZ https://t.co/AyC1t0cnyq

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