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  1. @Kyathil @TTV_Nightow1 Go meet up with internet friends IRL!! Like i did. 😁♥️ You've talked to them, you maybe have… https://t.co/mUmIwVFG1D

  2. Omg omg omg 😱😱😱♥️
    #fable4 #EmberGN #WeAreHive #NerdBase #twitch #streamer https://t.co/NYAoEGkwqp

  3. @JoeR247 https://t.co/XE4L9DrTBF

  4. RT @HelenThePotato: ✨🥔 Hello everyone❣️ 🥔✨

    🎥 https://t.co/Z3whBZE4E4 🎥

    Happy Tuesday sweet potatoes 🍠
    Today I endeavour to play more of t…

  5. @JoeR247 Since I saw the blood of thine enemies .... https://t.co/59DVMkGau0

  6. @Crossterminal I guess it's like most things it can work for some but not for everyone. I will definitely look into… https://t.co/c3fQkYDDt9

  7. RT @nerds_basement: #NerdBase We think #Endgame has been out long enough now that we can finally determine what is your favourite MCU film…

  8. RT @MFolletStream: So it's happening!

    Tonight, at 9pm BST I make a start on the first track of the #NewAlbum Sky Pictures 3 will begin wit…

  9. RT @nerds_basement: Please help us give a huge #nerdbase welcome to - @Obzyer (twitch)

    One of the most friendliest and supportive people w…

  10. RT @nerds_basement: Please help us give a huge #nerdbase welcome to - @quentin_chaos1 (twitch)

    A cool dude looking to meet new people, mak…

  11. RT @Maelchon: In just under and hour I'll be jumping back into Nioh and getting down and dirty in the salt mines!

    All happening at 8PM BST…

  12. RT @JoeR247: Much love to the awesome people at @Team17Ltd for the key to #MyTimeAtPortia!

    Inital impression is a really fun addictive gam…

  13. @JoeR247 Shield! I'm always about defence and protecting, also it be Red lol xD

  14. RT @Franchize1140: Each month I am doing a viewer competition. There will be a reward for the person at the end of the month with the most…

  15. RT @GGAAHHHHH: People who enjoy seeing my #art on there timeline, what do you wish to see more of? Help a brother know what you guys are in…

  16. RT @WeAreHive: Remember the date #WeAreHive

    June 5th, @blackmirror returns!

    While that seems forever away, let's build hype by discussing…

  17. @WeAreHive Perfect burger.
    Home made bread, beef burger, fried red onions, cheese, pickles, bacon & mayo 😍

  18. RT @TBrozerker: So yesterday was a nice family day, today was working hell!

    I'll be chilling tonight on Twitch to make up for it with the…

  19. @Crossterminal I have never heard of that before, does it work well for her? 🤔
    I'm keeping my options open in case… https://t.co/aOJDvMD9QD

  20. @nerds_basement Thank you ♥️♥️

  21. Hi all! 👋
    I was going to do a stream tonight as I missed the weekend but my youngest picked up a tummy bug & has be… https://t.co/LhTozOnqKr

  22. RT @Kyathil: Since people seems to have missed out on this! #WeAreHive #EmberGn https://t.co/qISXAS8sA2

  23. @WeAreHive @PADD_E Congratulations @PADD_E ♥️🎉🎉🎉🎉

  24. RT @WeAreHive: Can we get a big #WeAreHIVE congratulations for this weeks winner of the #HIVEBOTW (Bee of the week)

    @PADD_E !

    Come say c…

  25. RT @WeAreHive: Wait... What?

    What on earth are #Netflix planning? 🤔

    Start those #E3 rumours #WeAreHIVE! ☺

    #BEElong 🐝
    #WhereYouBEElong 💛

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