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  1. MidnightMascara

    Soul Letter

    The alphabet fluctuates From letters to emotion, As we embed our passions On pages forever frozen. We string text together And give it a meaning, Then we open our souls To a dictionary of feelings. Rhymes become inked With broken hearts, For the bleeding poetry To be called art. Words become characters As we make them whole, We fill letters with ideas And words with soul. K
  2. MidnightMascara

    Heart of time

    Let’s dance together One last night, I’ll follow your rhythm As you hold me tight. I’ll take in your scent As I feel you breathe, We’ll sway into the night Before I have to leave. Our hearts will beat In tune together, When souls merge We’ll dance forever. If we don’t meet again That would be fine, Memories will freeze In the heart of time. K
  3. MidnightMascara

    Black snow

    As I stand here On this empty street, Black snow falls It’s a sign of defeat. There is no hope I can’t see any flares, This feels like hatred It looks like despair. Flakes land on me They drip with pain, From ashes to blood Leaving their stain. The fantasy we’ve lived Drowns into insanity, As this darkness steals The last pieces of humanity. K
  4. MidnightMascara


    The angels call me When they feel me die, The devil chains me So I'm unable to fly. I'm stuck in the grey Between black & white, As I don't know which side Feels quite right. The voices call me But they're in my head, The demons cling on As I'm keeping them fed. Maybe I'll go to limbo As my life is a contradiction, I've two people inside me Both are my crucifixion. I change within seconds It's a funny switch, I go from heart of gold To ice cold bitch. I'm constantly lost Battling both inside, I guess when I die I'll just sit on the divide. K
  5. Make love to my mind Go down on my thoughts, Fill my imagination With electric shots. Fall into my dreams Tease my perception, Infect me with words With a lethal injection. Present me with lessons Feed every greedy hole, Tempt my curious mind Taste my hungry soul. Spread your fire Cover me in passion Bring more than physical To an intellectual orgasm. K
  6. MidnightMascara


    Reality is beautifully unique A complicated suprise, No star looks the same Through different eyes. We walk down our paths Hand in hand my friend, Taking different journeys We'll all meet in the end. What is this word 'normal' They try & force us to be, How can we all be the same In these individual realities. We are written into one story Living in seperate stages, Disconnected by perspective But connected by the pages. K
  7. MidnightMascara


    I drift away into Arcadian dreams, Where castles await The Kings and Queens. Many species Have settled here, & within a blink of an eye They all appear. Through Elvish lands Are Celestial teachers, Spreading wisdom To all the creatures. As Valerians protect And Valkaries preserve, There's a balance of respect Every Planet deserves K
  8. MidnightMascara


    I've fallen through worlds That are in my mind, Landed on earth With a purpose to find. Layers of mistake Masked in smiles, I fell for a world That put me on trial. So many storms Where do I start? Lightening & thunder Appeared in my heart. Like the planet Thoughts orbit around, Yet gravity forbids me To leave this ground. K
  9. MidnightMascara

    Soul Engineer

    Fix your body Against my heart, Let your hands wander Writing passion With thoughts of art. Design my dreams Caress my flaws, Let my body sync In time with yours. Leave your love Pressed on my lips, Thrust your desire Through my hips. Breathe in my hope Structure my fears, Leave your mark As my soul engineer. K
  10. MidnightMascara

    One Moment

  11. MidnightMascara

    Lotus Flower

    A recent drawing I did to share with you all.
  12. I am very similar To my porcelain skin, Smooth on the surface Yet hollow within. If you look closely You can trace the tracks, Of this worn exterior That has started to crack. I'm strong & sturdy Yet a fragile little thing, My strength is carried On my broken wings. Just one last drop I will fail to exist, As history will scatter Into a porcelain mist. K
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