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  1. What now? #Stardew #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/Uck0C5E9Rq

  2. @subeta I yoted my pet as soon as I saw I could! Have fun Alfyn!

  3. I been waiting for a post to go through for 16mins. #subeta please I just want to dance.

  4. @subeta Remember I had 1000 ethers in my gallery ;P /joke
    We're so close now! Here's to a more stable subeta :D Thank you <3

  5. I feel like I'm going to hit this Terracoon with his own hammer #subeta
    (I'm kidding, :P obviously I know you're a… https://t.co/m75iy3QnGB

  6. @subeta I think somewhere underwater, or flesh out the underwater zones we do have. Maybe introduce a 'happy' marin… https://t.co/4hcKEEqk8p

  7. @KassandraVermil You can change your notification settings :3

  8. @SquidMageKassie That's the magic of KH, they're both in it :P

  9. @SquidMageKassie Basically keyblade weidlers companions. They're very cute haha.

  10. @SquidMageKassie Chirithy and Pikmin being on the same list is the worst. Chirithy is voiced by Kairi from Digimon and that's just great.

  11. I lied, I'm 21 hours in.

  12. I can't decide on whether or not I want to rush through KH3 or go along as I have been. 13 hours in and on the fifth world.

  13. @SquidMageKassie Sonic CD is peak Sonic.

  14. @SquidMageKassie Odin is such a pretty boy. I love him.

  15. Waka got whacked! #okami #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/4PKQr2FlEC

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