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  1. Living with someone else is a bit of a swings-and-roundabouts sort of deal. It's great for cosying up with movie nights, great for sharing the housework and great for just the general company. What's not great (unless you have identical tastes and interests) is having to compromise with the decor in your house. This is where a Girl Cave comes in. When my boyfriend moved into my house, he commandeered one of the bedrooms and turned it into a Man-Cave since I already had a Girl Cave. It quickly became apparent that he had too many possessions to fit into the tiny box room that he had allocated himself, so we switched. He had the large second bedroom and I had the box room. Despite owning a lot of gaming collectables, I had less furniture (and was also minus a 70" TV which was what took up most of his room) so everything fit into the little room quite cosily. We repainted it and gave it one lilac feature wall (which sounds awful but is actually really nice) and added some pink curtains. I upcycled an old, brown computer desk by spray painting it pastel blue and covering the top with candy-striped stick backed plastic. Adding my beloved pink gaming chair and a couple of shelves for my Funkos, my Girl Cave was decorated exactly how I wanted it, complete with pink-throw-covered reading chair and Legend of Zelda Master Sword wall decoration. My boyfriend hasn't complained and we haven't had to compromise on a single thing. Because this is my room. Filled with things I love, furniture place where I want and colour schemes that I chose. I can come in here when I want my own space, to chill out, relax and clear my head. I often bring a glass of wine in, light my Unicorn Dreams Yankee Candle and read my vintage books by candlelight. People often ask us when we're going to have kids. "Never", I say. "No room. We only have a three bedroomed house and one bedroom is where we sleep, one is his Man Cave and the other is my Girl Cave. Neither of us is willing to give up our rooms for a baby. Unless we put the baby in the garage?"
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