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  1. And now my watch has ended. #GameOfThrones

  2. @CaperAntagonist Ahh yeah not used KA in years. I stream everything through Kodi 3rd party addons now. If you have… https://t.co/r83NTv5peA

  3. @CaperAntagonist Install an ad blocker and in kissanime you can change server from a drop down. Give another a shot to see if it’s faster

  4. @CaperAntagonist Have you tried https://t.co/0vUv76XIG1

  5. @NattyCapewell @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Being fearful of muslims because you think they’ll either rape or murder you is bot… https://t.co/kHfA75rvhs

  6. @NattyCapewell @UKLabour Because comments on social media stabbed the cop? Your comment needs context I think.

  7. @TaranVH You used to be cool

  8. @skillshare Not looking for you to provide a cert, just wanted to know if you have any courses for the cert. your w… https://t.co/mlzuDs9hQz

  9. @skillshare Do you guys have Microsoft cert courses? Like 70-411?

  10. @GameTeeUK Will we be seeing any updates to the Shadow Series? We need more! 😃

  11. RT @TheTweetOfGod: Why don't poor people just have more money?

  12. @itstomd @ezgamer @MSFT365Status Usually limited by client budgets. And time when you’re running an enterprise of thousand + users.

  13. @itstomd @stonkcat @MSFT365Status @backlon @NeowinMicrosoft @thurrott @dcseifert If you can’t be a datacentre for the world, don’t offer it?

  14. @MSFT365Status Days like this makes you miss on-prem.

  15. @NattyCapewell @NicolaSturgeon @theSNP Okay, agreed that doesn't work. Two votes would or having the additional "If… https://t.co/Heedg4m0Lq

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