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  1. Idk if its possible rn, but thread / message boards like this one here on game profiles so the members of said game can talk about it. It would also be cool for multiplayer games if there was a find party option like what xbox has with clubs.
  2. Is there a chat system / thread board on a game's profile for people to chat on about said game?

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      not yet, but in the upcoming community update a game will show all community's available for that game, so you can find other players/discussions etc etc

  3. RT @MrBeastYT: Reddit really wants me to plant 20 million trees. https://t.co/peGsq3eBjO

  4. RT @SlimHaleyLP: I used to be nutty. https://t.co/YDlfcRLrRJ

  5. RT @smashgg: Calling all Slayer fiends: @Halo 5 is here for this week's Mixer Matchups: #RaceToE3 event!

    It's easy - simply register, stre…

  6. RT @jhill1181: This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film study class #GameofThrones https://t.co/9ePi3UiEao

  7. RT @DangervilleTeam: I think we know who the true heir to the throne is. #gameofthrones #GodzillaMovie https://t.co/LTwRKVDXAv

  8. RT @Randy_355: We are taking constructive feedback for the Big Team Battle maps in Halo 5 before the playlist goes ranked! If you have thou…

  9. Damn. I used to do clans in Halo 5 starting 4 years ago. I would find a nice group, and then the clan would end.… https://t.co/UWjYCcsiBv

  10. RT @Kmarmi: @traceyfanclub For the first time ever, we turned it off when @RickDevensWGXA got booted, because I literally don’t care who wi…

  11. RT @Misaalia: @YikesItsSammy @CallMeCarsonYT https://t.co/8LUrtJWLZo

  12. oh boy https://t.co/VnuhSUzVTs

  13. Just finished my first ever mashup. Prolly gonna post it late afternoon tomorrow.

  14. RT @TaKenR6: what im about to do to your stubborn little planet, im going to enjoy it. Very, very much. https://t.co/OWYU2TEABk

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