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About 1001 Spikes

Pick Yourself Up and Try Again! You Can Avoid the Traps and Find the Treasure…EVEN IF YOU DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS!

The son of a famous adventurer, Aban Hawkins must avoid an endless gauntlet of devious traps and dastardly hazards while exploring the Ukampa Ruins in South America. Sharp spikes, poison darts, falling blocks and flamethrowers are among the deadly obstacles that Aban will have to overcome in order to reach the Door of Poko-Mum and learn the truth about his missing father.

A throwback to the most challenging 8-bit platformers, 1001 Spikes requires intense concentration, constant memorization and flawless timing. You start the game with 1,001 lives, and you may end up losing every last one of them before you make it to the Golden Shrine!

Release Date

June 2014

Publisher / Developer

8bits Fanatics, Nicalis
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