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About Phantasy Star Online

You are not the only hero.

Pioneer 2 finally completed its long voyage to the new homeworld.
But as the ship entered orbit, an enormous explosion shook the entire planet, and all contact with the thousands of people already there was lost. Now, in the first worldwide online console RPG, players from around the globe must unite to discover what has happened.
Phantasy Star Online continues in the tradition of one of the most popular series of all time and becomes a revolutionary and truly global gaming experience in an online persistent world.

Locate team members on servers that each support up to 1000 players simutaneously
Real-time combat featuring many of the original weapons and enemies from previous Phantasy Star games. 

Revolutionay communications systems breaks down language barriers.

Create your own character by modifying race, proffession, body proportion, hair, outfit, and more. 

Play online, offline or a combination of both.

Release Date

December 21, 2000

Publisher / Developer

Sonic Team
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