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Time to party up...or lurk, that's okay too.

  • The Treehouse is Sheffield's first board game cafe, offering a huge selection of board games alongside delicious food, coffee and craft beer
  • A community built originally around streamers but now built on friendships and connections. We have community nights, artistic challenges, and general camaraderie! Come hang out and make some friends!
  • Sheffield Hallam Esports Society is the home of competitive gaming at Hallam. We have many players who compete in tournaments across a wide range of titles, as well as more casual players.
  • Indie Forged is dedicated to bringing Indie games to the fore of the conversation, finding hidden gems, tracking the latest games in development, and bringing reviews to help convince you to try them out!
  • Welcome Islanders! Bring your bells and say hello to the Animal Crossings Community on Ember! Somewhere to make new friends, trade fruit, flowers, share your custom creations and generally have fun!
  • HarlanTV - Home of average gameplay with average games from ya boy: Harlan!
  • Here at Northern Binge, we're trying to create a community that allows people to be themselves, express ones creativity, and to have a safe judgement free place to hang out and chat, while binging on Minecraft of course.
  • Indie Game Lover™ = here for the love of indies! Show off your stuff too. Here to provide admiration and inspiration through the love of indie games. Dedicated and passionate about helping indies with flare.
  • Just a place for people to post their work, chat and give tips! Not just limited to Warhammer, any models are fine!
  • Hi Guys this is for my PawPal Community, Friends and showcasing my Art and enjoing your art as well!
  • Welcome to the den! A lovely community of folks who just wanna have fun and chat about stuffs!
  • A local hub and a really great pub for all geeks, nerds and gamers alike! Prove your smarts in our weekly pub quizzes & tournies, support your favorite teams at our viewing parties, and party it up at our music and geeky themed nights!
  • Welcome to Virtual Photography - the Community dedicated to sharing your favourite in-game shots! 'Beach Rally' - Subaru image by @nasserhomsi 'Death Stranding' - image by @vlladan_p
  • An EmberGN community based around the Twitch streamer, CelestialxZen. Zen is a part-time streamer who plays a variety of games.This community is for her followers to come together as one big family that both welcomes and supports one another.
  • A community for people who play RDR2/RDO
  • Own the skies in steam-powered airships! Guns of Icarus Alliance is a team-based online game that pits co-op crews against both rival teams and an AI that learns your tactics. Players become part of the story as each battle shapes history in an ever-chang
  • With the launch of the Master Chief Collection on Steam, we're looking to bring together Halo players old and new. Find players for your Co-Op Campaigns; new clanmates for some classic PvP or just enjoy the depths of Halo lore!
  • Come share your latest photos, your cosplay tips & tricks, even your WIPs, or ask for advice!
  • An Incubator and Networking Community for Streamers.
  • Welcome to the round table of the Dragon Knights brave adventurer, this is the community page for Dragon Knight Adam
  • The Ember No Man's Sky Community - Share your bases, tales, and more.
  • For every summoner out there that loves to play League of Legends, I welcome you to the New and hot Ember League of Legends Community!
  • Welcome to the group for all things Runescape (except the stuff that is against Runescape rules of course :P ) Everyone is welcome whether you are a veteran player, Complete newbie or have never played but are interested in learning about the game and perhaps giving it a try.
  • Taking risks to create new gaming experiences by pushing boundaries. 🛠️
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