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Time to party up...or lurk, that's okay too.

  • This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!
  • Feeling put-out by your career? Join the Emergency Services Revolution! Sign up to become an Embr Respondr™ 🔥
  • Welcome to the Franchize Approved A Community dedicated to challenges, memes, having fun and sharing knowledge. Join in the action, the games and enjoy
  • Ember Community for Nintendo Switch owners.
  • Everyone likes to be called somebodies Hero, right? Grab your utility belt, throw on the cape, tug up that spandex ... Shit's about to get COMICAL!
  • This group is dedicated to bringing our Twitch content creators and their viewers together to help streamers promote their channel, network with others, and perhaps find a new streamer to follow!
  • This is a place for all Stardew Valley fans to come together and discuss Stardew Valley!
  • Welcome to Encounter RP - An Ark: Survival Evolved server based on the Xbox One Play Anywhere located within Europe, however, all regions are welcome!
  • We are a team of amazing indie-viduals writing about and playing all things indie games! Ember Affiliate!
  • A family FRIENDLY cafe with a difference!
  • The perfect place to play Trading card games, Boardgames, Roleplaying games and miniature games! We sell Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi Oh!, Pokemon and much much more!
  • Time in - a LARP community based in the UK
  • The past, present and future of videogames available to explore the new, National Videogame Museum open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 🎮🕹▶️ #playthemuseum
  • This is a place where I hope to gather all Destiny 2 players on Ember for a good time. Maybe you need someone to play with, need help for a quest or even plan a raid.
  • PC Build Guild is a community where you can show off your epic builds, discuss PC related topics, share deals, and much more! We all know PC is the master race, so let's show them what they're missing!
  • The Pokemon Community on Ember! Discuss Pokemon Games, Anime, Manga and more!
  • Official Community Page for my Twitch Streaming!
  • An indie first person shooter with a completely destructible environment. Ask for Steam keys, share videos and discuss the game!
  • Writers, gather around! Here's a place for you to share your works, to talk about what you're writing, get some writing help if you need it and maybe even find a writing partner to get those creative juices flowing.
  • Sheffield Hallams Game Development Society! A group of students who have a love for playing video games and creating them!
  • In the year 1989 a DNA Lead Specialist known only as B1L made 1 miscalculation in his experiments which resulted in a never ending production of B1L clones. Now CloneKorp try to cover-up this mistake by using the clones as mascots for their products.
  • A place to share the best deals, bargains and sales! Looking for something in particular? Write it in the "I'm Looking For..." thread and see if any other members can find it on offer!
  • Game Over is a retro gaming night in Sheffield featuring Xbox, PS1-4, Megadrive, GameCube, SNES and more!
  • The Treehouse is Sheffield's first board game cafe, offering a huge selection of board games alongside delicious food, coffee and craft beer
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