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Time to party up...or lurk, that's okay too.

  • A place for those of us who refuse to grow up.
  • This is a place where I hope to gather all Destiny 2 players on Ember for a good time. Maybe you need someone to play with, need help for a quest or even plan a raid.
  • A place to share the best deals, bargains and sales throughout the Black Friday 2019 window! Looking for something in particular? Write it in the "I'm Looking For..." thread and see if any other members can find it on offer!
  • Time in - a LARP community based in the UK
  • Game shows and Game nights! It is a 24/7 party!!!
  • We are a team of amazing indie-viduals writing about and playing all things indie games! Ember Affiliate!
  • PC Build Guild is a community where you can show off your epic builds, discuss PC related topics, share deals, and much more! We all know PC is the master race, so let's show them what they're missing!
  • Indie Forged is dedicated to bringing Indie games to the fore of the conversation, finding hidden gems, tracking the latest games in development, and bringing reviews to help convince you to try them out!
  • The Ember No Man's Sky Community - Share your bases, tales, and more.
  • A community for people who play RDR2/RDO
  • Everyone likes to be called somebodies Hero, right? Grab your utility belt, throw on the cape, tug up that spandex ... Shit's about to get COMICAL!
  • This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!
  • A community for all Xbox players.
  • One community for all Minecraft games, versions and editions. (Not affiliated with Mojang AB)
  • Just a place for people to post their work, chat and give tips! Not just limited to Warhammer, any models are fine!
  • Feeling put-out by your career? Join the Emergency Services Revolution! Sign up to become an Embr Respondrâ„¢ 🔥
  • Hi Guys this is for my PawPal Community, Friends and showcasing my Art and enjoing your art as well!
  • Welcome to the Forge A Community dedicated to content creators, cosplayers and gamers around the world - somewhere you can find like-minded people to chat with, game with and watch movies with.
  • The Pokemon Community on Ember! Discuss Pokemon Games, Anime, Manga and more!
  • This is the Place for all Mixer Streamers and Watchers to share Channels, Ideas, Support and just having Fun!
  • Game Over is a retro gaming night in Sheffield featuring Xbox, PS1-4, Megadrive, GameCube, SNES and more!
  • This is the community for my twitch channel, feel free to join up and find me on twitch for weekly miniature painting and D&D content
  • This group is dedicated to bringing our Twitch content creators and their viewers together to help streamers promote their channel, network with others, and perhaps find a new streamer to follow!
  • Ember Community for Nintendo Switch owners.
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