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Celestial Empire

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An EmberGN community based around the Twitch streamer, CelestialxZen. Zen is a part-time streamer who plays a variety of games.This community is for her followers to come together as one big family that both welcomes and supports one another.
Rhode Island US

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Stream Schedule

Times are in EST(Eastern Standard Time) Monday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Wednesday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Friday: Currently Offline Saturday: 5:00pm Schedule is subject to change at anytime. Updates will be posted in the Discord & Twitter.

Spooktober Updates

Happy Spooktober!! Some exciting announcements to share with you all as the Halloween month is finally here! Firstly, the channel will be getting a slight Halloween makeover, nothing too crazy, just little things here and there! Secondly, Halloween Emotes have been finished! These emotes are pending approval on Twitch and hopefully will be available to my Celestial subscribers by next week! These emotes are in the Discord as well so feel free to use them! Thirdly, Fr
Celestial Empire
  1. Celestial Empire 

    Welcome to the Celestial Empire! This is a community based around the Twitch streamer, CelestialxZenZen is a part-time streamer who plays a variety of games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Dead by Daylight and whatever else may pique her interestThis community is for Celestial and her followers to come together as one big community that both welcomes and supports one another through a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Warning: We are all a little mad here!

    Who is CelestialxZen? 

    Hi there! My name is Cheyenne, but most people call me Celeste or Zen, whichever you prefer really. I am one of the two Community Managers here of EmberGN.  I am from the good ole United States of Murica; born & raised in Rhode Island. I am a self-proclaimed hardcore nerd for life, work-aholic, dog lover, beer drinker, and ass kicker! So if you are any of these, let’s be friends!

    I am a PC & Xbox gamer and started my Twitch streaming career part-time back in February 2018. I work full-time as a Hospice Admission Coordinator, so I stream about 3 to 4 days a week and I am what you call a casual, variety streamer; coming and going as I please. I mainly stream MMO-RPGs, FPS’, and Old School Games. I play for fun with a small side of competitiveness, however, I am not here to be the best, nor will ever claim to be. 

    On my free time when I am not streaming or being a work-aholic, I love just hanging out with my two pupperinos; Harley and Ivy, and also going to breweries because who doesn’t LOVE beer?!

    Meet Nova 

    Nova is known as the community's guardian / mascot. She is our cute little celestial being that you may find posting here in the channel or even hanging out with us on stream! Nova will soon be on merchandise so that way you may have a little piece of her with you! She is a character that was created by CelestialxZen and VeseniaDesignslurking.png?width=676&height=676

    Let's Connect!
    MONTH1.thumb.png.6f17e88dfdb5e76cfc4626f2d864058b.png Twitch - https://twitch.tv/CelestialxZen

    MONTH1.thumb.png.6f17e88dfdb5e76cfc4626f2d864058b.png Instagram - https://instagram.com/CelestialxZen

    MONTH1.thumb.png.6f17e88dfdb5e76cfc4626f2d864058b.png Twitter - https://twitter.com/celestialxzen

    MONTH1.thumb.png.6f17e88dfdb5e76cfc4626f2d864058b.png Let's Be Friends - https://emberapp.gg/profile/21-celestialxzen

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