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RabenKatze Art Studio and PawPals Cuddle Corner

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Hi Guys this is for my PawPal Community, Friends and showcasing my Art and enjoing your art as well!
  1. GTArt Suprise XChange searching for you

    i had this idea a few days ago as i watched some youtubers did this with there communitys. and i really like that idea to trade unused art supplies you bought, got gifted nut rarely or never used and they just lie around without any purpose. But maybe someone else would get use out ofthem. so i want to start this long time running  project called:

     GTArt Suprise Artbox XChange 

    GTArt or Grand Team Art is my Art Community on the Streaming Plattform Mixer but this Project is for all Plattforms and Artist on any Level!

    here is a simple summary what i have in mind!

    -Sending each other Art supplies/ craft supplies we bought or got gifted but rarely use or not like to use

    -Challenge when Box is arriving is to make art only with the supplies that you got (exceptions are paper, pencil and eraser or brush when not included)

    -giving each other a topic to draw

    -also put a little artwork in the box

    -letter and other stuff is optional but mades it more personal

    -opportunity to stream, record for youtube and post on social media plattforms

    -using #GTArtXchange

    -international shipping, if not possible for some also fine but limits trade partners


    it is like this art subscription boxes but more personal and more reusing stuff then just getting new things all the time, also artist on a budget have the chance to try new stuff out!

    i opend a channel on my personal discord so we can speak about it, find trade partners and let this project grow together. if we get to a certain nummber of people i might open a own discord server for this project. but for now if you want to be a part of this just write me a comment and i will send you a invite link and give you the discord role so that you can chat in this channel 

    i hope you guys like this idea and we can trade and create amazing art together!

    Your RabenKatze

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