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Welcome to the Forge A Community dedicated to content creators, cosplayers and gamers around the world - somewhere you can find like-minded people to chat with, game with and watch movies with.
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Movember Challenge!

The #TeamForge Movember Challenge is coming together nicely! Spread over two days, the 26th and 29th November, viewers will witness an EPIC battle between @RegalSausage and @Franchize1140across 5 games! Games 1 and 2, played on the 26th, have been announced as Rocket League and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds! Watch this space for games 3, 4 and 5 being announced! The remaining 3 games will be streamed live on the 29th November via the ForgeGN Twitch channel - https://twitch.tv/forgegn.

2nd November - Community Fright Fest!

We've got a slightly belated, super special Halloween Community Event night on the way! Not just one, but TWO  main attractions!! 5pm-8pm BST community event, game to be announced. Playing versus and cooperatively First up, we have our Community Games evening! Running from 5PM GMT! The game is yet to be confirmed, but is likely to feature Steam CLASSIC - Left 4 Dead 2! Come and join the fun as we try to stay alive! 8pm-10pm BST IndieForged horror gameplay and review hosted by Kyathil!

New Community Team Members!

Our Forge Team just evolved!  We received several applications from members to join our Community Team - showing a wide breadth of knowledge and experience within the Forge! It's great to see so many of you wanting to get involved and step up and help out! After some discussion within the Forge Admin team, we decided to promote these awesome people: @Clo Clo is a full time variety streamer and all round awesome artist! Since joining, Clo has been super active within the Discord, often w
Forge Gaming Community
  1. Welcome to the Forge 

    Welcome to Forge - one of Ember's Affiliate Communities. A place dedicated to content creators, cosplayers and gamers around the world - somewhere you can find like-minded people to chat with, game with and watch movies with!

    The Forge is open to creators of all varieties, whether you're a new or seasoned streamer, podcaster, artist, writer or even cosplayer - all are welcome within! If you've seen someone's content you really enjoy - tell us! We would love to have Forge members recommending other members' streams, blogs, podcasts etc!

    Come and join us, check out the linked forums, our events calendar and say hey in our 'Introduce Yourself' thread!




    We now have two vacancies within the Community Team that will need filling! Rather than handpicking members, we'd like anyone interested to apply directly for the position - hoping that this will bring some more diversity to the team in terms of knowledge and areas of expertise! 

    The Community Team is currently being split into three areas:
    1. Discord and Community Support - welcoming new members and helping build that family feeling
    2. Twitter Support - having access to the Forge_GN Twitter account, tweeting/interacting and sharing content with other operators
    3. StreamTeam and Raiding Support - building the Forge_GN Twitch and Mixer accounts, as well as researching and calling in community raids! 

    If you think you have skills that would apply to any of these areas and would like to apply, please do so here:

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