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Welcome to the Forge A Community dedicated to content creators, cosplayers and gamers around the world - somewhere you can find like-minded people to chat with, game with and watch movies with. Join us on Discord! - https://discord.gg/hCyk8V6


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  1. What's new in this community
  2. What console do you play on Xeno? Maybe we can find some other console Apex players? I'm certain we have plenty of Overwatch fans though!
  3. My big issue is the timeline. I'm mostly available in the evenings in Eastern time. So like 5 hours from UK Time. If so, then Apex Legend or Overwatch or a new game released. If PC, I need to info super advance so I can go to a cafe in NYC
  4. Would a weekly promotion work for the ember network? It has work with the discord channel so figure it'll work here too. Or a pinned message on the Discord server
  5. Having some difficulty with your set up? Perhaps can't quite get your stream sounds balanced? Ask your questions below and let the Community try and solve it for you!
  6. The Admin team and myself are always looking for new ideas to introduce into the Forge server. If you have an idea or two you'd like to share or see up and running within the Community - share it here!
  7. Hey all! If we were to implement some Forge Game nights - what would you guys like to play? And on which platforms? Post your answers below!
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