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A community dedicated to those that play Ring Of Elysium. We'll try to post news, patch notes and updates, as well as our high kill wins. Looking for people to play with? Check out the LFG channel :) The majority of us play on The Forge discord server, always looking for new people to play with!


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  2. SteamID - RegalSausage RoE ID - regalsausage Timezone - GMT/BST Usual times - Mon-Fri evenings, 1900-2200; weekend days
  3. Had a high kill game? Evacuate with a full squad? Share it here!
  4. 30/04/2019 Dear Adventurers,Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium’s Early Access phase. Here are the full details: Event Center The Event Center has been added to the lobby! From now on, we will be putting in our various events into the Event Center to keep things organized and intuitive, see you there! FREE Daily “First Blood Lootcrate” To earn a First Blood Lootcrate, simply join a non-Training mode game and eliminate an enemy yourself or by your teammates After obtaining a First Blood Lootcrate, there will be a 22-hour cooldown before you can obtain another one The First Blood Lootcrates obtained can be found and opened in the “Vault” interface under the game lobby The First Blood Lootcrate’s rewards includes the adorable Saki-themed skins M4A1-Doki Doki and MP5-Sailor Saki, vehicle appearances, and accessories, check them out below! Limited “Raging Sea Supply Box” The Raging Sea Supply Boxes is limited to one purchase per day, each day refreshes at 1AM Pacific Time Each Raging Sea Supply Box costs 100 E-Points After purchasing, the Supply Box can be found and opened in the “Vault” interface under the game lobby and reward a random item in the Supply Box prize pool The Raging Sea Supply Box rewards includes the epic AK15-Raging Sea weapon skin, Saki-themed R700 and FAMAS weapon skins, Saki-themed vehicle skins and more! Check them out below! “Pirate’s Gratitude” card-flip event Event period: April 30 – May 9 (Pacific Time) Event rules: Player can visit the event interface by visiting the “event center” in lobby Log-in daily to receive your mission, complete that mission and earn the qualification to flip a card to select your reward! Players can participate up to 10 draws during the event period (once per day) Players can claim a free Captain-themed accessory after successfully flipping the card 5 times (non-consecutively) and claiming 5 daily rewards Lucky Draw- round 4 The Lucky Draw system is back and updated with new rewards! With an alluring prize pool including traversal equipment appearances, a beautiful AK-15 skin, new accessories, vehicle appearances, etc., you do not want to miss them! Event Period: April 30 - May 27, 2019 (Pacific Time) Event rules: Players can find the Lucky Draw interface by visiting the “event center” in lobby This event is divided into four 7-day stages, during each stage, players can draw 5 times and each draw costs 50 E-Points Players are guaranteed to get one item from the prize pool per draw, and items already drawn will not be repeatedly rewarded Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where two identical loading screens appeared in the Appearance interface Fixed an issue where certain areas of the Captain Fokke-Ambassador character styles were too bright in some rare cases Thanks for playing,ROE DEV Team
  5. Looking for a new clan to game with? Drop your Steam details, or RoE ID, along with your usual gaming times and timezone!
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