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  1. The insidious Nature of "Twitter Support"

    One of the longest evolving trends on social media platforms is the infamous X4X, whether this be: sub4sub, follow4follow, lurk4lurk etc. I’ve only been part of the content creation sphere for over 2 years or so and I’ve seen it more often than not and it echoes back to another reddit post I made recently here; I Recently Spent Some Time In “Lurk Communities”.

    Since the post I’ve become very aware people aren’t learned about these sort of things and are taken advantage of daily, whether this be through naivety or a vain attempt to “network” but regardless of the reason, it’s disgustingly exploitative. While some blame can be placed on the users getting involved in this for whatever reason, others are completely unaware of what's happening so I wanted to outline some facts clearly for the uninitiated. 

    There are a large amount of posts across multiple social media platforms regarding this but we’re going to focus on Twitter throughout these examples as I personally feel Twitter is, at this current moment in time, the most influential platform to be on.

    Many of the posts I write about fit a similar outline as the one below;

    Hey there #smallstreamers! Let’s all grow together!

    1. Retweet this
    2. Follow me (Not necessary but would be nice ❤️)
    3. Comment your Twitch/YouTube
    4. Follow who you like
    5. Grow and support!


    Outwardly, that’s a pretty inviting message specifically to the addressed audience “smallstreamers”. 5 simple steps to grow your engagement and meet other like-minded individuals! And it has plenty of traction already so why wouldn’t you want to get involved? It clearly states in the last point you can grow from this! Perfect! Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, that's because it is …

    The only person you are helping throughout all of this is the person who posted the original thing, and you’re not just helping them a little, you’re effectively giving their tweets free access to your Twitter. Maybe not quite as insidious but the principle is similar. Not only will you now see more of their posts after the fact, but all your followers will see you liked it. For one like, depending on your following, you have given this person an insane amount of viewership. What do you get in return? F*ck all!

    Growth like this will never help anyone but the original poster and while this may come across as a surprise to some of you, the original poster doesn’t care about you. They have little to no interest in helping you grow! If you’d like to grow, why not find some meaningful content out there? Be it memes, wholesome videos, crazy kill streak videos, twitch clips or more! But in no way should you be falling for this trap and allowing your following to be abused by someone who wants a following, all from your hard work.

  2. Social media is one of the most important factors when creating content. Keeping your friends, community members and viewers up to date with whats going on and when you're going live is an absolute must! In the past I've been using the following images;


    Yet this creates a need for me to constantly update and this also means, the links etc start being removed from their SEO due to spam filters etc. Algorithems are a fickle beast after all. Instead a better idea I've found is simple to create one post which is constantly avalible when pinned and gives just as much accute information which you can build upon using more eye catching images such as my comic book covers. The new image now looking like so;


    Not only does this look better, it also fits the Twitter image process better meaning we get a higher resolution picture which to me, is something which definately needs to be adhered to, meaning you don't get a series of blurry images when people take a closer look!

    Prefer the old one? Love the new one?! Let me know! How do you advertise your streams?

  3. Found the first The Surge a little janky but, we're gonna find out what the second is like this Saturday at 16:00BST!

    It's got some pretty awesome mechanics, if you want a piece of gear, remove it from an enemy ... FORCEFULLY!

    Surge #1.png

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