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For people interested in any aspect of game development, from programming to pixel art, from 3D video games to pen and paper games. What ever your interest, if you want to craft fun and interesting experiences for others to enjoy, then this group aims to be a place for you to meet up, make new friends, work on creations, get constructive and honest feedback, make connections and find collaborators. We are an open and inclusive group, so if you live in the Chesterfield area and want to make games, or just enjoy playing them, then please join us.


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  2. Our lead dev Mike will definitely be involved in GGJ20. He was involved in GGJ19 as well, and had a blast.
  3. Hi! We're Indie Imprint, a very small artist-services shop doing our first game. GYATM is a casual sci-fi building game due out on Steam in November. We've got 3 more games of increasing scale in the pipe, and we're excited about indie gaming in general. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1132600/GYATM/ Our lead dev is mostly into sci-fi, RPG, hack/slash, MMO and racing games. He's big into games with immersive stories and complex worlds. Our writer is mostly into cute, fun, and casual. She likes things that she can use to occupy her brain for a bit while she mulls over her writing.
  4. I think with the Ember community still growing, this monthly thing will be more just me doing a thing, not expecting people to really be joining in at this point, but get involved if you want to. So far it's felt good getting back into making a game. Having a focus has helped, and I've started using an app called Habitica to gamify the things I wanna achieve in life and it is working well. My game idea came from thinking about the Mass theme. I started playing with a platformer character with a mechanic where it can switch between a light, almost ethereal form, and a form that is heavy and durable. I picture a metroidvania with platforming and puzzle challenges to explore the world. I am using a tool called Construct 3 as it is most familiar to me and pretty powerful for making 2D games without having to know too much about coding. One of the constraints currently is that I am using the free version and some features are limits. This has inspired the game design though. On the free version you can only have 3 layouts, so multiple levels are much harder, but with a metroidvania style, I can have just one big level and still have 2 layouts for a start menu or something. Also the free version only offers 50 event triggers, meaning the coding cannot get too complex. What I have decided on is to make a handful of gameplay element and focus on the level design to apply the elements in more and more complex ways to build my difficulty curve. The elements will all play on some interaction between the light and heavy states of the player character, where players must weigh the effect of each state to figure out a way through the game. As you can see, it is very much placeholder graphics for now. I have a checkpoint system, taking the player to the last one visited when they die, some spiky death pits (though I will have to theme them right so that it makes sense why the heavy form cannot survive them), some shooty things with bullets the heavy can survive, some pushable blocks (not too much use though, I fear I won't have the coding space for a reset system and players could trap themselves), and some floating blocks I am most proud of. As the light form, players can hop on the floating blocks no problem. As the heavy, they sink down, once the weight is off again, they float back up to where they were. Already I am getting all sorts of ideas how to use it. Next steps, I need a few more elements, I am thinking wind, pushing on the light form but just slowing the heavy. And water, in which heavy will sink but light can walk upon. maybe some weight switches. The challenge is to make both forms feel useful, you could end up with a useful form and then one that is just a nuisance. Next is to dole out the new mechanics in a way that lets the player learn how they work gradually. The plan is to unlock more of the map by activating different mechanics, like there could be no water until you trigger something that fills up the lower levels and makes new areas accessible, not the most original idea, but should suit this game. Eventually I can get to making it all pretty. I'm feeling a Celeste influence creeping in on what I picture it looking like, and pixel art is quick and easy to make look good. Stay tuned for more updates
  5. I am inviting all the Game Developers among you to join me in making small games on a regular basis. Stephen King said something like, that to be a good writer you must read a lot and write a lot. I believe games are the same, you gotta play a lot and make a lot if you want to get good at making them. If like me, you are good at the first bit, but struggle with the second, then hopefully we can give each other the motivation to get through a project within a timescale. For a bit of fun I will include an optional theme to kick start the creative process. June 2019's optional theme... Mass Include it or don't your call. And interpret it how you like; weight, en mass, large scale, a church mass maybe? Enjoy. And share your progress by replying to this thread.
  6. Hi Guys Jan 25th - 27th Global Game Jam will be taking place. One weekend to make a game completely from scratch alongside thousands all over the world doing the same. Will anybody be taking part? Perhaps some callaborations could be set up.... Either solo or with collaborators I think I'd like ot take part, my skills actually making a game are rusty, need to clear the cobwebs out so to speak As part of this, Construct 3 is making their in browser game maker full version free for the whole weekend, I hope to take advantage of that as I have some experience with the programme. Keep us posted here if you take part and let us see the final product. Have fun
  7. Welcome to Ember Indie Developers. Thanks for popping by and saying hello. Feel free to tell us a little about yourself; - what aspect of game development are you most into,? or are you just a fan of homebrew games? - What kind of games have you worked on? Have you had any successes? Care to share a link? - What are you aspirations?

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