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  2. It's coming to Switch. Anyone played it? Apparently it's awesome.
  3. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't or wouldn't, sega is an open book nowdays!
  4. So while I was streaming with my friends, Gamedude said he would like to see a Mario/Sonic Olympic theme stage on Smash Bros. To which we agree it won't happen cause you know, the olympics. But it does bring up a loop hole and interesting idea. With Nintendo and Sega having a partnership with the Olympics, would it be possible to have Seasonal Theme Olympic stages, attire, or events on Smash Bros while the Olympics is around? 2020 is a year away, and the spectacular Olympics in Japan is about a year and 6 to 7 months. So Theme stages can be possible but would you like to see it?
  5. I think smash shines the classic way, lads over, beers out. smash bro's and mario kart sesh
  6. So with the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate today. Who is excited, who knows which character will be their main? What are people's plans for release? Get people round or play online?

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