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This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!


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  3. Not sure why but my last two writers' block posts weren't shared automatically upon publishing. Had to go and publish manually after posting. It didn't bother for me, just thought I'd mention it since it was weird.
  4. yup, that got it. I can see Ark and Overwatch with a red on them. thanks
  5. thats always a good feeling. Know that myself from work. Go get it!
  6. think i have found the issue thanks, will hopefully get it fixed soon! the games are actually appearing on your profile, however in the games list itself it isn't showing as favourited
  7. ive tried ark and overwatch. Not tried any others.
  8. is there a specific game you are having this issue with? or all games?
  9. Ive cleared the site data in chrome and tried edge (i never use edge) to prevent cached data from screwing with the retest. It done the same thing as before, a header-only page. But no successful add to the game favourites. Would you like any developer console logs from chrome?
  10. awesome, thanks for the prompt response I await the epicness! #exite
  11. Ill give this a go when i get home. As then i can clear my cache and do a few other things to fully test the outcome. thanks
  12. Could you try this again now and let us know if it’s working! cheers!
  13. Our community features are being overhauled in our next update, they’ll be completely changed but thanks for the heads up! Will look into that feature
  14. Hello, I have found a potential issue/feedback point on a community. If you are the only member of a community remaining and you are not the admin. Could have the final user/member the option to claim admin/founder or have those permissions fall to the last member after X time.
  15. responded on your original post/status however, yes this is an upcoming feature in our future update
  16. Idk if its possible rn, but thread / message boards like this one here on game profiles so the members of said game can talk about it. It would also be cool for multiplayer games if there was a find party option like what xbox has with clubs.
  17. Hello, Hopefully, its me being an idiot, its happened once in the past. Or a feature not yet implemented. When adding a game to favourites, the page seems to accept the "favourite" but then the games screen has no games or favourite confirmation. When looking back into the games section, there are no games favourited. i am using chrome Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit) on windows 10.
  18. Doing a test response to the post of test discussion
  19. If you check your inbox you will have received a welcome message with a link in to our discord
  20. Thank you, everyone!!! I hope this site keeps growing . Thank you for all the welcomes!!!!
  21. Welcome to this awesome community build by community members. Also check out the Forge discord for those who are new here
  22. Welcome to the island of lost toys :D
  23. HI there, Welcome to Ember, we are currently in Alpha Development however we welcome people to join as it helps test our features For editing your profile, you can find an instructional here Managing your integrations here If you enjoy blogging and would like to set up a Writers Block, you can do so here and to find out about what is upcoming in the near future, take a look here Hope this helps
  24. I'm new here and I was recommended to join this site. I don't know how to use it or what to do with it, would love some advice and guidance, please.
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