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This group is to discuss the development of the Ember platform, feel free to provide feedback or suggest ideas you would like to see on Ember!


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  2. I'm in. We could call it our Ember Christmas Party
  3. I'm in!.... So long as it is between the 9th and 21st of December. Any earlier and I'd probably be working :(
  4. Sheffield is doable from my corner of the UK, depends on the date
  5. Waaaah... December will be too darn stressful to go anywhere for this Swede. Maybe next time?
  6. I'm down! Tickets aren't too bad from my little city in the east xD
  7. I would love to. Depending on when, as it's my birthday on the 10th and my sisters on the 15th xD
  8. No. but let me know if there is ever a meetup in Philadelphia. or even if there is just a mettup in the general Northeast Region of U.S.
  9. Ye I'll be there plus if it's an insentive to peeps you also get to tell me to shut up in person then
  10. I'd love to go but Sheffield is pretty far and train tickets can get expensive.
  11. Hey Guys Just putting out some feelers for if any of you UK peeps (or further if you really wanna travel) would be interested in coming to an Ember meetup, most likely for the beginning of December 2019 We would book a large table here: https://smokebbq.co.uk/ We would create some special edition shirts for those who attend the event! Anyone interested?!
  12. would users be able to use optional game category tags for their work so when people go to that game's page they can see the art there as well? A similar idea could also work for writer's blocks. being able to look at a game's page and seeing who's streaming it, who's making fan art about it, and who is writing content about it would be pretty exciting. If you know what game you wanna see content about but don't have a preference what type of content your looking for this would be a good way to search.

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