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Encounter - Ark Xbox Roleplay Community

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Welcome to Encounter RP - An Ark: Survival Evolved server based on the Xbox One Play Anywhere located within Europe, however, all regions are welcome!

Latest News

First Age Launch

"Everyone, after much blood, sweat, and tears we are proud to announce that the server will be going live today. We hope to see all of you around as we begin the first official age of encounter, from here on out the world we have built is yours to inhabit and explore. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for sticking with us while we built ourselves back up and we hope to see your wonderful faces for many ages to come." - Bradey, aka Vasha. PRELUDE:  In the wake of the Th


Encounter has become a partner with a fellow roleplay (text) community, based on Discord. This is exciting news, and we would like to thank the owner and staff at Bloodmoon for the opportunity for our servers to unite. [Please note: Their narrative and our own are completely unique to one another, but we encourage our creative players to join their community and experience a different type of roleplay to the one we provide here at Encounter.]  
Encounter - Ark Xbox Roleplay Community
  1. Welcome to Encounter, a Ark: Survival Evolved voice roleplay server based on the Xbox One Play Anywhere; located within Europe, however, all regions are welcome!

    We are dedicated to organizing a community of fellow roleplayers who wish to contribute as actively as they can to the overall feeling of immersion in the story we have created. We strive for an open, pleasant, and fun atmosphere within the server and we welcome players from all experience levels who will add to this and embrace the tone we already have.

    Our server is password protected to help keep out any griefers, trolls, and other non-serious players. To ensure your place on the server, you will need to complete an application. This application is for us to get to know you and the character you wish to bring alive! Please be sure you read all our rules before playing. By submitting an application, you are agreeing that you understand those rules and will abide by them or face the consequences.

    You can find us here


    Encounter's Staff Team

    Community Manager | Co-Owner | @🗡 Shea White (Emily)

    Lore Master | Co-Owner | @🖋 Bhalmar Silverfist (Bradey)

    Monster Supervisor/Director | Staff | @Bellas Borealis (Liam)

    NPC Monitor | Staff | @Juno Rahl (Ed)

    Player Liaison | Staff | @Tiergan Tuuli (Austin)

    Technical Advisor | Coder | @Vyrnus Quicksilver (Troy)



  2. Attention!

    Encounter has been put on hiatus for the current year. Unfortunately, there has been an issue with a member(s) having copied our original content in order to set up their own server. Obviously this is rather upsetting for our Staff Team, and we are taking the Holidays to have a break and come back revitalised in order to bring you something new and better than before. 

    Even with our intellectual property being copied, we have hope that we can come back stronger for this. So for now the Discord has been taken down to prevent further loses.

    Stay tuned for more news. But for now, Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

    - Encounter 

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