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Meltdown Sheffield

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A local hub and a really great pub for all geeks, nerds and gamers alike! Prove your smarts in our weekly pub quizzes & tournies, support your favorite teams at our viewing parties, and party it up at our music and geeky themed nights!
Sheffield GB S3 8NA
  1. Hello Ember! 
    Welcome to the Meltdown Sheffield Community Page! 

    Here you can keep up to date with our community and everything that's happening at the bar. We've got some fantastic events scheduled that you can now check out on our shiny new events tab with lots more to come. 
    We will also be posting updates of the latest news, including our upcoming bar e-sports teams, reward app and merch!

    We hope you'll enjoy being a part of our Ember community and cant wait to grow with you. 

    - Ffi, Meltdown Events Team

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