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PC Build Guild is a community where you can show off your epic builds, discuss PC related topics, share deals, and much more! We all know PC is the master race, so let's show them what they're missing!
  1. Support confirmation for B450 and X470 motherboards; Ryzen backtrack's on their previous statement saying "B450/X570 boards would not support Zen 3 CPU's".


  2. Is there any reason NOT to fall in love with AMD right now??? They just keep doing everything right! 


  3. AMD is really giving Intel a run for their money with their newly announced Ryzen 3 processors that'll give gamers, on a strict budget, an affordable new CPU. 


  4. Whoa, that is quite the breakthrough indeed!! But how much??


  5. With quarantine in full effect, anyone busy building themselves a new toy? I wish I was!!

    the division 2 GIF by CORSAIR

  6. Any big "fans" out there of the infamous RGB setup? Just saying, I really have an affinity for it. So many ways to customize and truly make it your own setup, ya know?


  7. Got the RetroPi all setup with theme music! (Disregard my obnoxiously cute son in the BG...) Can you guess the tune?

  8. A big welcome to our new members! Be sure to post a pic of your builds!

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