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This group is dedicated to bringing our Twitch content creators and their viewers together to help streamers promote their channel, network with others, and perhaps find a new streamer to follow!

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Content Creators - Hints and Tips to get you started!

The whole world seems to be taking on content creation in some form or another, be it streaming via Twitch/Mixer/Dlive or Youtube, podcasting and blogging or design and cosplay. It's a massive, emerging market and you want in. We completely understand! Resident Hero - @TwistyShape - has come up with some hints and tips to help you develop your brand, increase your footfall and get your foot in the door!   1. Social Media Networking Networking forms the very basis of creating your b

TwitchLDN Winter Meetup 2019

The London Community MeetUp, powered by Twitch, is the biggest worldwide and only EU Twitch community MeetUp!  It is a friendly space for anyone who is involved in the gaming community from streamers, viewers and industry professionals.  Founded and run by long time Twitch Partners (Fremily) two years ago. From humble beginnings the event has grown more than they could ever imagine! ow with help from Emily's sister Sophie and their friend Ben, there is a fantastic team of event planner

TwitchCon 2019 Upcoming Updates

TwitchCon Day 1: All the News from the Opening Ceremony Sep 27 2019   Today in San Diego, we did something new to celebrate the start of TwitchCon: the first-ever TwitchCon Opening Ceremony. During the festivities, our CEO Emmett Shear sat down with Ezekiel_III to talk about the community’s accomplishments, answer questions, and unveil new features designed to support streamers and viewers. We also announced the TwitchCon dates for next year!
Twitch Streamer Community
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    Welcome to the Twitch Streamer Hangout powered by EmberGN™️

    This group is dedicated to bringing our Twitch content creators and their viewers together to help streamers promote their channel, network with others, and perhaps find a new streamer to follow! 

    We plan to keep our members up to date on Twitch news and any updates to the site that may occur. 

    Are you an artist who creates graphics for Twitch; whether that be panels, emotes, overlays, or alerts? This group will help you promote your work and connect with streamers who may be looking to spark up their channel

    Disclaimer: This group is ran and operated by the Community Managers of EmberGN™️ to help bring members together with a similar interest, streaming. As such, all content posted by the members of this community is owned by that individual and should not be used without their permission. This goes for content promotion and our artists whom may be promoting their artwork. If for any reason, you are needing to share content created by someone other than yourself, be sure to credit the owner or your post may face deletion. Any information posted about Twitch (news / updates) will come directly from the Twitch Twitter & website, unless stated otherwise by a moderator. 

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