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We are a team of amazing indie-viduals writing about and playing all things indie games! Ember Affiliate!
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November Newsletter - 2019

Wow! It's already November and time to bring out those Christmas decorations, am I right? Regardless of if you celebrate the holiday or not, one thing we can all celebrate is the fact that we have so many amazing indie games coming out these days. It can be pretty difficult to keep up with that's for sure.  October was a month of ups and downs for Indie Drop, but we are pushing through it, and I can happily say we are in a pretty solid place for the time being. You'll see a few new faces ar

Indie Drop Update

Hey everyone, Dan here. Sad news. Indie Drop has lost a fair amount of it's writers recently, but that doesn't mean it's going away. I'm hard at work developing ideas on how I can pull Indie Drop together and give it the boost that it needs. With that said, I plan on writing reviews and other types of articles, but you won't see them as frequently. My hope is to still post something every couple of weeks, but even that might be difficult from time to time, and not to mention holidays are coming

Indie Drop Newsletter - Fresh Start

*bloop* Welcome to the very first Indie Drop Newsletter! To start things off, I want to introduce myself. My name is Dan Kruzel (aka ALinkToTheDan), and I am the founder of Indie Drop. I can't put my finger on my first ever indie title, nor can I tell you when I started to love indies—I guess it just happened so naturally that I've always found myself migrating to an indie game over a AAA title! It came to be May of 2018 that I decided to pursue Indie Drop, and I started brainstorming heavily in
Indie Drop
  1. Mark your calendars! @conradical has agreed to participate in an AMA on the Indie Drop Discord server. He'll discuss a little bit about his upcoming game Lootbox Lyfe—a platforming adventure game starring a little red bouncy ball with some pretty cool abilities. We hope to see you there!


  2. Have you seen our writers block? Go give it a gander! We post articles weekly 😁



  3. A big thank you to all of our new followers here and on Twitter! We've got almost 20 members now, and we couldn't be more excited to have you here to share your love for indie games!

  4. This is long overdue, but we also want to welcome @CROGGS to our team of writers! He enjoys playing Story based RPG's and Platformers, so you can bet he'll be writing about these, too. Everyone please give him a warm welcome. We appreciate his willingness to write and be a part of the team. 🙂

    1. IndieImprint


      Right on! I look forward to the reviews. Story-based RPGs are our favorite around here, too.

  5. Exciting news everyone! We would like to welcome @KuroKairin to our crew of writers! Kuro loves to play otome Visual Novels and has a passion for indie games alike. Please give her a warm welcome, and prepare yourself for some of her upcoming articles! 😃

    1. KuroKairin


      Thank you for the opportunity! I can't wait to share and discover indie games with the community! ^_^


    Passionate about indie games and writing? Doesn't matter what type of indie genre you're into, we've got a spot open for you. 



    -1 year of experience in writing for either a site, or your own personal blog. 

    -Lives for indie games!


    That's it! DM me if you or someone you know might be interested 😁

  7. It's the weekend! Any one playing a new indie title? Indivisible? Valfaris? Plenty of awesome games coming up too!


    combat GIF

  8. Set up the ol' Patreon again. It's up for review, and its got me hyped!


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