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Dev Blog #1: The Evolution of Water

Greetings, Respondrs! Matt took some time out of his busy day to tell us all about the history of Embr - specifically the way water looks! A bit over 2 years ago I started on a journey to make this co-op firefighting game, game jamming while stuck in 6 hr traffic back from MAGFest. At the heart of the game are fire & water, two of the harder elements to tackle in game development. While the game is still a work in progress to be more polished, varied, and zany, I thought it’d be

First Alpha Test Complete!

Hi everyone! We completed our first session of alpha testing! For this session, we invited a few members from our community to get a sneak peak and collect feedback from their first impressions. It’s been extremely valuable to start collecting feedback, and we’re looking to host more sessions with more people!  Here’s our very first Alpha Post-Mortem!   The Setup: Run-through We had our testers run through specific missions to look for how they managed pathing,
  1. We're going live with Dev Fireside Chat: twitch.tv/musegamesnyc

    Join us as we chat about the week's events and Embr, and answer your questions!

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