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This little snippet of Fic was about a character I NPC'ed for a one off 80's inspired high school prom Larp Game. I played a returning student that had been hired to be the DJ for the night who had been previously  brain washed by aliens to aid in the abduction and testing of the Students. Because who better to study to work out how earth works, right? The game its self was a mishmash of British and american 80's high school Culture and the most fun I have had crewing for a Larp game ever! . So much fun that when my NPC somehow ended up getting to spend the night making googly eyes at the school janitor, a redemption story and by the end of it a super cool boyfriend (who was not the janitor ),  I spent the week after the event an emotional wreck and writing fic about DJ K-RAD aka Katie Sharpe. This Short story is about how K-RAD found her first crush (who ultimately sacrificed him self at the event to be with his true love; the school sports coach)


“Turn out your pockets.” 

Looking up, she was surrounded by the older kids, all heavily made up and leather clad. One leered at her, a fag hanging out of her mouth.

Katie Sharpe, who didn’t know what she’d done to earn this level of abuse, took a step backwards, her heart hammering. All she managed to do was bounce off one of the bigger punks. 

Confusion and panic crossed her face, she didn't have any pockets. She was wearing a dress and tights; not a pocket in sight. Foolishly, she opened her mouth to explain that she couldn't turn out what she didn't have but just as the words started to form she was shoved from behind. 

She hit the arm of one of the other big kids, who in turn shoved Katie back with such force that she went flying in to the lockers with crash, knocking the wind out of her. Her eyes began to water as she struggled for breath, her chest throbbing in pain.
“Oh look the snivelling, little shit is crying.”

It was Katie’s first day in high-school, she didn't know her attackers or understand what she could possibly have done to provoke them. She was scared, she was trapped, and she just wanted to go home. Was this what High School was doomed to be like? Surrounded by the laughing, vindictive older kids? 

Katie was thrown again, this time against the trophy cabinet, she felt the glass shatter, showering her with shards and knocking photos of Northview's sports champions, both past and present to the floor around her. Crying she sank to the ground wrapping her arms around her legs and hiding her face in her knees. Bracing herself for whatever pain the bullies intended. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited. 

“Damn Punks.” a man's voice echoed down the hallway. “What do you think you're doing, defacing school property?” he hadn't noticed Katie yet, and part of her hoped he wouldn't, she didn't want to be blamed for all the damage. “Get away from…” his voice changed from annoyance to anger “What the hell are you doing? Get off her!”

Katie looked up to see the school janitor taking a swing at one of the bullies with a broom. It was apparent who had the power, and how unafraid of them he was.

“You're fucking crazy man” one of them cried out as they were chased away. Just teenagers after all.

The janitor glanced down at her crying there, before starting to sweep up the glass. He  mumbled a profanity under his breath before shrugging.
“You alright kid?”

Katie nodded and rubbed her eyes with the hem of her dress, she must have looked like a puffy-faced mess so she hurriedly nodded a ‘uh-huh’ to deflect any concerns. 
He looked younger than Katie had expected a school janitor to look. He was scruffy, but still handsome in a James Bond, George-Lazenby-in-a-jumpsuit kind of way. Picking up one of the photos, she froze. It was him. He was wearing the school letterman jacket, holding triumphantly onto a trophy whilst his team mates - the Knights - lifted him up on to their shoulders. Mick Travers, noticed the young girl staring at him glossy eyed, a goofy half smile spreading across her face. 

“You sure you’re alright kid? Need to go to the school nurse?”

She blushed, and made to leave, but not before sliding the picture out of its busted frame. They say you never really forget your first crush. Katie Sharpe never did, and never will. 



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