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One of the games I've played in the last year is an amazing little system set in an era/genre just in between steam punk and diesel punk. I played a character known by most  as Amelia Clarence-Knightbridge; a nurse that specialised in ailments of the mind. At least that is what she would have people believe. 😉 



“What a fucking idiot” Nikolai declared. Amelia was there in a flash with a jar, shaking it under his nose. “That's one for the swear jar” she informed him, all but tapping her foot as she waited for him to pay up.

“What the fuck?!” Count Von Grymme already had his money at the ready  “That's fucking ridiculous……. SHIT!” he smiled wickedly, challenging her to take the notes in his hand, not all surprised when she did.

“Bollocks!” More money for the swear jar

“Bastard!” It was past the halfway point already.

“Piss stain!”

Amelia's jar was filling up quickly. The passengers of the Cloud Cutter were practically punctuating their sentences with curse words. Not that she minded. Just one day with these people and she had enough money to buy a new dress and maybe treat herself to a nice afternoon tea back on Astrea. Heavens…. Maybe she would invite Mr Smith along.  Too busy daydreaming about cream cakes and fruit scones, Amelia didn't notice the crates sitting in the hallway.

“Fucknuggetclungebucketshitbollockingtwat!” her eyes watered as the sharp pain spread through her shin and up her leg. That would most definitely leave a bruise.  She looked around to see who had left the offending cargo only to find one of the crew looking at her in shock. She laughed nervously, blushing to her ears and offering an apologetic half shrug for her outburst.


After all……..Nobody's perfect.





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