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Greetings Emberlings!

As we all know the greatest tool you can get is a towel, but there are also plenty of other tools available for those of you who wishes to dive into the coding world! In this post I will give some personal favourites of mine and also a couple of sites with great online courses.

Development Environments

There are a bunch of great environments that you can use, for free, while developing projects in different languages and for different uses. The pros with using a complete development environment is that you as a developer will have most tools you need to code, debug and compile in one place without having to put the time to develop these yourself (which also means a deeper understanding). The cons are that there are a bit of "magic" underneath the hood, there might be licensing issues and the build/compiling time will be a bit slower vs creating your own environment from scratch. Just to mention a few things. As a newbie within programming I definitely do recommend using a development environment at first!

Might be good to add that these environments are available for Windows, MAC and Linux so you can choose whatever platform you want! There is a hickup with android development in Android Studio if you got an AMD CPU... But will cover that in a future post.

Eclipse - Mainly Java/C programming, but got extensive available addons which make it possible to code in many other languages too. OBS! You need to install a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) with it!


Visual Studio - Development enviroment by Microsoft. Have very little personal experience with it, but compared to Eclipse it offers a wider range of use (such as more extensive web development and app development)


Android Studio - THE tool for making android apps. Features development of apps in both Java and Kotlin (which I will introduce later on). 


Text Editors

Depending on what you are developing, you might ditch the development environments and instead use a text editor for your code while building and compiling using a terminal (for example if you want to create a website using React.js). Here are my 2 favourites for these situations:

Sublime (got some really sweet features to make your syntax look absolutely dashing)



So pretty!



Online Compilers

If you're not making an entire project, but rather a shorter program in order to learn a programming language, then you don't even need any environment. There are plenty of online compilers for any programming language. They do not offer the same amount of debugging etc as a full environment, but they work well enough for learning purposes or if you want to try out some algorithm. Will provide you with a few here, but it is possible to just do a simple google search to find a compiler to use (most of them are fiiine and rather similar to each other).








Online Courses

Feeling ready to dive even deeper into the coding world, but don't wanna enroll to university? There are a lot of great online courses, even on youtube, which anyone can take. Most are not free, unfortunately, but there are free trial periods on most and discounted offers appear every now and then. A few let you code in the browser, while most are more like lectures where you have to get the tools yourself. I'm using some of these myself to learn new things!



Pay per course (really good)


Subscription based



Until Next Time!

Phew! Such a meaty post! 

Next post will be up tomorrow or on Friday, starting with some basics in Java. Remember: DON'T PANIC!




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