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The following patch notes for 1.4 will include some features you will have already familiarised yourselves with, we like to get as much feedback as possible from the community during development! there is plenty of exciting stuff below!



--Disclaimer - some of the below features will begin to go live over the next 24 hours-- 


- "Writers Block" the ability to create "writers block" blogs on Ember ✅

- "Suggest Game" feature added, users can now add games they wish to display via their profile ✅

- Various theme and visual optimisations, "lazy loading" etc ✅

- Various security optimisations ✅

- Installed "Knoxbear.exe" & "Regal.exe" ✅

- Branding redesign ✅

- Added "Videos" page under media content tab, this is for video (non streaming) content ✅

- Youtube, users are now able to integrate their Youtube channels into ember, display them on their profile and be featured on ember. ✅

- Added new flagpack, your location set in your "about" will now display as a flag next to your profile picture, and yes..."Mars" is an available location to select ✅

- Improvements to status updates/posting, twitter post will now show media, ability to share each others posts. 🕑

- Told Tom to shut up ✅

Branding Redesign


Over the last year, Ember has been on a bit of a journey when it comes to branding. Fortunately, being in the alpha stage of development allows us to take our time and make sure we get these things right.


We had to face several visual challenges, as it can be difficult to skirt the line between 'overly abstract' and 'massively cliche'. One of our biggest challenges is not looking like an energy company, something our older branding struggled with. Having a face on your logo can be a very difficult challenge to overcome; too much and it can look overbearing and confusing, too little and you risk not having enough character. I think we've reached a happy median with our adorable little chirpy mug. 



The new logo incorporates elements of our previous attempts for branding, but tries to give Ember a more inviting and less corporate feel. Based on our Patreon feedback, our branding reminds people of Dragon Age slimes, Studio Ghibli characters and Digimon.....these are all the exact types of fans we want to attract!


Our designer @Faeron explained the following:

"For many I may seem like a new face, however I’ve been lurking in the background for quite some time. It was at a bench round the back of an old man’s pub Max and me first talked about what Ember could be.

Mind you, it didn’t have a name back then but already I was plotting what sort of artistic vision I could bring to the table.

As our ideas grew it became easier to define a brief for this little branding project. With a more diverse audience of gamers and streamers alike, it became clear we needed a logo that resonated on some level with everyone.

The thing that surprises a lot of people is how long these projects can take, albeit for a good reason. Take my first offering earlier this year. It was a flop, although through trial and error and a lot of refinement we managed to settle on a concept. The flame and emoji.

What gets me excited about design isn’t the final outcome, it’s the process. Imagine trying to complete a puzzle without having the picture in front of you, but when it all falls into place it suddenly makes so much sense.

Perhaps another time I'll delve into the technical side of producing something like this, but for now I hope you guys/girls like this mark and I look forward to animating this goob in the coming weeks."




If we flip our logo upside down, it doubles as a spooky spooky ghost! perfect for Ember Halloween events!






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