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Do you ever remember what I said on the day?

Where I said I would take us to Gairlochy Bay.

In an old boat house away from the world

We’d lose ourselves; the boy and the girl.

Did you forget the stillness of the trees?

Or the lakes, the grass, the woods, the reeds?


We would’ve have been there for days or an eternity

But in the end you chose the cold and severity

Of harsh, coarse buildings built like towers

You forgot the world of dreams and flowers.

Can you even picture a boat like a zephyr?  

On which we would float on the heavens for a day, and forever.


Your earthy brown eyes once warm and inviting;

Hold now nothing but a room which I once spent a night in.

We did nought but talk and occasionally touch;

But with just a smile you did my heart so, so much.


An hour and forever if forever was a second;

To your heel I would come if you did nought but beckon.

The Boathouse is real I did not spin a tale;

Of a quiet hidden paradise between the lake and the vale

The fire remains lit and yet yours still needs igniting

But its light remains soft, warm and inviting.


An hour and forever and forever for me

For you just an hour between you and me.

The days are like starlight: cold and unfeeling

And like the paint on the walls your memory of me is peeling

For me it is perfect and like the lake unmoving

Its voice is like yours soft and soothing

The reeds gently play in the wind and the rain

Their thoughts of joy not of sadness and disdain


An hour and forever but what’s left is a few hours

I sit here on the porch with a vase and some flowers

They are wild flowers with colour so bold

Betony, bird’s foot and marigold

On this chair I have waited through the frost and the freeze

The lake has become hard now and won’t budge for the breeze


My fire is still lit but its embers are fleeting

It burns through the snow, the thaw and the sleeting

An hour and forever and once I was told

That love is much simpler as you grow old

The world says it’s spring but in your autumnal self

Without you have seeing it I’ve sacrificed my health

Lost beneath the lake and no rope to pull onto

I gladly float to the bottom with no world to look back to


An hour I had but it would take more than a day

To write in these pages what I feel

And those things I want to say

Give me forever at Gairlochy Bay

What I wish is to be with you forever;

Forever and a day.

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Considering I don't remember how to structure a poem forgive me if it's haphazard.  Some pointers would be appreciated.



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