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Greetings mortals!

I am Kyathil, a Swedish programmer and content creator on Twitch. I do apologize in advance if this entry is full of grammatical errors since the clock is way to early on a Monday morning and I need about 53 more cups of coffee to function properly.

The idea of this writer's block is to supplement my future programming streams, providing some "course notes" to those sessions. This specific entry is a short introduction about myself, the idea and a test on how to use this writer block function on Ember.

So, what will be covered? Well, to begin with I will do a couple of sessions with the goal of making a basic android app. The reason here is that it is just so much more fun to learn something if you can put it in practice fairly quickly  and android app development got great tools which anyone can use for free. But, the viewers and readers can also request topics to cover on future session... Thus, what will be covered is partly up to you! This includes the possibility of covering other programming languages/tools in the future.

Will we make an app on the first session? No, I will start off with some basics in Java and some general information about programming and tips on good online courses and tools to use. It is, after all, good to learn a bit about what's going on beneath the hood before you start driving!

 When will the course notes be published? Hopefully before every stream, making it possible for anyone to learn a bit before the live sessions. The good ol' "read the theory and then watching it in practice" way of learning!

Are you a teacher or something, or why are you doing this? No, I'm just working full time as a developer and got 2 university degrees in programming areas (and a few grey hairs thanks to that). Been getting questions about programming during streams for such a long time that it seemed like a good idea to do this partly to answer these questions and partly to give some insight in what I do for a living.

When will the live sessions take place? I will post dates with every block entry, except this one, and if anything changes I will notify you on social media.




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