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Nintendo Gameboy Color - Kiwi


If you grew up during the late 1980's and 90's, chances are you have at least encountered the Nintendo Gameboy. If you happened to own one, chances are you wear glasses today.

I'm pretty sure my eyesight is as bad as it is due to years spent attempting to play the Gameboy in terrible lighting conditions,  or even worse; attempting to stay up later than my bed time by hiding under the covers armed with a torch and my Gameboy, Like a midget rebel... still, no system bares as much nostalgia and heartwarming fuzz than my Kiwi Gameboy Color, I took it everywhere in my equally awesome Pikachu carry bag.

Anyone else remember those "worm lights" they sold separately that could only remind you of that thing you weren't supposed to find in those drawers you weren't supposed to be looking in...

1998 was 21 years ago, I have aches in places I didn't know existed back then, and my eyes are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard, but i still love my Gameboy..I needed an upgrade.

Luckily for me then, some clever sausage from Australia named BennVenn decided to be an absolute fucking legend and develop a ribbon cable that converts the GBC output into the newer GBA LCD output signal, essentially adding support for the screens you would find in the Gameboy Advance SP. 

BennVenns custom ribbon cable

If you're interested in doing this mod yourself, you can achieve this by purchasing the parts yourself and carefully hacking up a Gameboy Color shell. Let's assume though, like me...you are either lazy or too clumsy to perform the mod yourself and just want the end product, there's a shop for that!

JellyBelly Customs are a shop that specialise in custom and refurbished consoles for nerds like me who just can't let go..

Whilst there are various other outlets that will also sell you a custom console, JellyBelly Customs go the extra mile, and it definitely shows in their products.


JellyBelly Customs Gameboy Color Light

You can grab a Gameboy Color Light from JellyBelly Customs for £179.99

You can buy all the standard colour variants of the original, or if you prefer; you can "build your own" and pick 'n' mix to make yourself a unique Gameboy for those extra nostalgic fuzzy feel good points, you cataclysmic nerd.

Speaking of Pick 'n' Mix.....Woolworths anyone?



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